Top 5 iPhone Emulators for PC in 2018

Are you trying to use iPhone apps but don’t have ios device? We bring top 5 iPhone emulator for pc that can help you using iPhone apps on your pc or laptop very easily. We all desire to make use of our gadgets in the most convenient way we can! Whereas you own an iPhone, and you want to have some if its applications on your PC, hence, there is no crime in configuring your PC to run as a normal iOS device too. This will prompt a smooth utilization beyond what you can imagine.

In this case, there is no other solution to your desire than making use of an iPhone Emulator for PC. Basically, emulators are software that can be set up for use on the operating system of your PC with the main purpose of running the iOS applications on the PC. More simply put, it assumes the functions of iPhone in your PC which is commonly used by tech/software developers and testers for the functions of newly developed iOS applications.

Additionally, having created an environment on your PC to serve as an iPhone replicate through the emulator, you can run a different test for the apps on your PC, you could also troubleshoot, and then make other accessibility immaculately. However, as we focus on the iPhone emulator for PC on this guide, there are other emulators such as the iOS emulator for PC and iOS emulator for Android.

Why choose the iPhone Emulator?

We can’t deny the fact that our desires differ from another’s, in the same manner, every iPhone emulator user has his/her reasons for making that choice. Let’s consider the following. Be mindful, your reasons might not be stated as we just want to mention a few.

As stated in the first section above, tech/software/device developers often make use of emulators as the perfect test for the functionality of their new theories. Most times, instead of purchasing a new iPhone for every new application test, they can easily make use of the iPhone emulator.

Nevertheless, for the game lovers, due to the fact some of the iPhone supported games cannot be accessed on the PC, gamers can make use of the iPhone emulator to enjoy the same experience they get from the use on the iPhone device.

When Is My PC Compatible With an iPhone Emulator?

This simply answers the question to every requirement in order to make use of an iPhone emulator for your PC and the requirements are listed below.

  • Your PC must have the minimum RAM of about 512 MB.
  • A minimum of 1 GHz for your CPU
  • The operating system version should start from 2.3 and above.
  • The PC must be compatible for USB host mode.
  • There should be a minimum storage availability of about 61 MB and preferable if the storage space is more.
  • The PC must be able to access High Definition Multimedia video and second frame buffer.

Benefit Resulting from the Use of an iPhone Emulator

  • Making use of an iPhone emulator will not cost you any cash as it is free to use.
  • It is user-friendly
  • Programming on the iPhone emulator is very fast.
  • It doesn’t require the use of high-tech systems and processes.

Our Top Five iPhone Emulator for PC in 2018

#1 The Mobi-one Studio iPhone Emulator


This emulator was launched in the year 2009, ever since then it has served its purpose for millions of users with great features and functionality. Yet, being one of the best emulator and the first on our list, Mobione studio has an HTML5 hybrid application model. You can also make us of the Cordova source and then run all the apps of your desire from an iPhone on your PC with ease.

The best feature of Mobione studio is that it allows you to emulate other iOS apps and then create and develop the new application of your choice.

Download Here: http://mobione-studio.software.informer.com/

#2 The SmartFace iPhone Emulator for PC


This emulator is highly productive and less dependent as it supports the use and the test of iPhone games and applications on your PC. Developers also make use of the smart face emulator because of its simple interface, flexible functionality, and the debugging feature.

Download Here: https://www.smartface.io/

#3 The Air iPhone Emulator for PC

air iphone

AiriPhone fully replicates the user interface of your iPhone on your PC’s Windows operating system. You can make use of the iPhone mail, music, weather and other apps through the Airiphone emulator smoothly.

Download Here: https://air-iphone.informer.com/

#4 Xamarin Test Flight iPhone Emulator


The Xamarin test flight emulator is tested and trusted with its effective feature that is very useful even for developers. It runs smoothly with an easy and quick download, you need to give it a try.

Download Here: https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/cross-platform/windows/ios-simulator/

#5 Appetize.io iPhone Emulator for Pc


Appetize.io is also one of the best iPhone emulators for PC in the emulator’s trend these days. It offers a quite easy to use the feature and you are ready to start using your iPhone apps on your PC. Additionally, you can make use of Appetize.io online as it supports HTML with an iFrame which makes it outstanding.

Download Here: https://appetize.io/

Follow the simple steps below in order to make use an iPhone emulator for PC

Step 1

Simply download th.e iPhone emulator APK file format from an official website through your PC or Windows phone

Step 2

Having downloaded the emulator APK file on your phone, you can easily transfer it to your PC or Windows phone through the use of a cable or tethering device. Note that you can skip this step if the APK file has been downloaded directly to your PC.

Step 3

Simply click on the APK file and then install it, wait for a little period of time until the installation is completed. You can now open the application and start enjoying the iPhone apps of your choice on your PC.

The Verdict

The compilations above are information regarding iPhone Emulator For PC! Start enjoying your emulating experience instead of purchasing a new iPhone you can’t afford just because you want to run some tests as a developer; you can also access and make use of some iPhone applications on your PC through the emulator.

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