ISO 27001 Consultancy: Benefits Of Using A Cyber Security and Data Privacy Consultant

In today’s digital world, many business organizations work together to create and promote international standards in terms of technology, working conditions, testing processes, cybersecurity, and many more. This is where the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) enters into the picture.

Nowadays, one of the most popular ISO standards in the business community is the ISO 27001, also known as an Information Security Management System (ISMS). And when you decide to pursue its implementation, you need to work with a cybersecurity and data privacy consultant.

Continue reading this article to get to know the ISO 27001 standard and the essential benefits of using a consultant.

What is ISO 27001 Standard?

In a nutshell, the ISO 27001 is a standard for the efficient implementation of the ISMS, which was first circulated in October 2005 and revised in 2013. This standard also outlines the best framework for handling information security and data privacy, including how organizations manage confidential documents and their communication with external clients.

Moreover, the goal of the ISO 27001 is to achieve a balance between the requirements set forth by the standard itself and the organization’s ISMS. It means that the management system requirements of the standard are complied with while making sure that it suits your company objectives, culture, and size.

So, if you want your business to have ISO certification, many consultation services like https://www.bridewellconsulting.com/iso-27001 can help you achieve it.

How Can A Cyber Security and Data Privacy Consultant Help Your Organization?

Typically, the primary reason for working with a cybersecurity and data privacy consultant is the efficient implementation of the ISO 27001 standard. It consists of 14 areas of information security and comes with 114 security controls to assure that all information concerning processes, people, and technology remains private and secure.

That said, below are some ways an experienced ISO 27001 consultant can help your entire organization:

Assist In The Development Of The ISMS System

One of the benefits of using a consultant is the assistance you can get in terms of developing

your Information Security Management System. For instance, a consultant can help you create an information security policy based on the ISMS objective and scope. They also assist in the making of all related documentation.

Moreover, a cybersecurity and data privacy consultant also provides awareness training about information security. They also recommend the controls to be applied based on the results of the risk assessment.

Help Integrate Data Privacy Into The Business Methods

Data privacy is essential to any business. It’s one of the areas highlighted under the ISO 27001 standard. Thus, it’s best to hire a cybersecurity and data privacy consultant to have an in-depth understanding of how ISMS should work. They can assist your organization in the proper integration of data privacy into your business and IT security strategy, as well as project methods.

In addition, an ISO consultant provides data flow, data transfer audits, and privacy impact assessments. This is to ensure that all standards for ISMS are efficiently and practically implemented into your business operations.

Provides Audit Support

When pursuing an ISO 27001 certification, your business will be subjected to audit meetings to ascertain the efficient application of the Information Security Management System. However, the audit day can be a challenging undertaking for most organizations, which is why you may need a professional consultant who can assist you through the process. They can communicate on your behalf during your meeting with the external auditor.

Has Valuable Experience In The Field

Sometimes, you need someone who can help your business pass the mandatory requirements provided by ISO. You can only do that if you use experienced cybersecurity and data privacy consultants. These professionals, for instance, have implemented security management systems worldwide for companies in a variety of sectors. So, make sure the consultant you hire holds qualifications required for becoming a partner in your certification application.

Conducts On-Site Assessment

By using a consultant, your business can get all the information you need about your Information Security Management System. They will perform an on-site evaluation to help you determine the areas of weakness within your ISMS. At the end of the assessment, they will create a report outlining your system’s strengths and weaknesses, along with some actionable points.

That’s one of the reasons why using a consultant is beneficial than having to do all the paperwork and analysis by yourself. Remember, the report they have created will give you an idea on how to fix the flaws and strengthen the strong points of your information security system.


By adopting the ISO 27001 certification, your business will gain numerous benefits for the years to come. Therefore, if you consider using a consultant in the process approach of the standard, we hope you take all the information in this article to heart. That way, you can make your organization ISO-certified in the years to come.

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