It is time to upgrade your workspace: treadmill desks

Before we get into the details of treadmill desks, let us tell you about the most significant disadvantage you are going to face after buying one. For the next couple of weeks, you will never feel like giving it a break. You will take your calls, provide the finishing touches to your presentation and attend your Skype calls on the treadmill desk itself. At the same time, you will want to tell the people on the other side of the calls that you are on your brand-new treadmill. It is like the early days of the mobile phone, where more than 80% of the calls consisted of discussion about the call quality and the new experience.

All treadmill desks in the world have one common goal – to include standing, walking and fast walking (even jogging) into the busy days of the entrepreneurs, executives and other professionals with desk jobs. These ingenious contraptions allow people to incorporate healthy amounts of exercise into their daily work routines without really compromising on their daily productivity levels. If you have always wanted to cash in your gym membership or take the new pair of trainers for a spin, you should probably get a treadmill desk in your home office.

It is what all trendy workplaces recommend

Many corporate offices now encourage employees to reserve time for working out, since research shows that healthy workers contribute to a higher productivity level. Executives and managers in these offices find it easy to convince the higher authorities about getting treadmills with work desks inside their private offices. Many offices that utilise shared working spaces emphasise employee wellbeing and fitness. They look for ergonomic seating, mindfulness classes, relaxing atmospheres, and indoor physical activities to keep their workers mentally and physically fit. Having a couple of treadmill desks around the shared office space has become a norm for many start-ups and new enterprises around the city.

They are healthy and fun!

Although treadmill desks are nothing new, they have been gaining rapid popularity in the last couple of years thanks to the renewed enthusiasm in staying fit while working. Working and working out at the same time not only saves time, and travel, but it also adds some diversity to the regular work people do in their offices. The desktop treadmills began gaining popularity in the UK after 2006 when Roger Highfield tested the contraption under the guidance of Dr James Levine. Levine is the father of the initial desktop treadmill models, and he states the life-changing effects of the desktop treadmill in several interviews. In reality, these models are instrumental in overcoming a sedentary lifestyle that has become the habit of the young office goers of the 21st century.

Switch up your calorie burning while in office

Prolonged sitting, lack of exercise and not enough movement of the limbs can lead to many diseases and disorders. Whether it is the early onset of arthritis, diabetes, heart problems and herniation of the vertebral discs, you are more likely to face these physiological challenges if you lead a somewhat lethargic life without enough exercise. We often use the bulk of pending work or the lack of time from commuting to-and-fro every day, as the reasons for not hitting the gym. However, the introduction of a treadmill desk in your life will take these excuses away. Get in touch with a treadmill desk company to know more.

According to the most recent studies, the users can burn between 100 and 130 calories per hour on their treadmills while answering calls or finishing their work on their laptops. Another benefit of using desk treadmills is that you can end watching the last few minutes of your favourite TV shows or watch the previous day’s webinar while burning off the excess calories you may have consumed during the rather big lunch. You can indulge in your pumpkin spice latte with extra cream every morning without an ounce of guilt if you have your faithful ergonomic treadmill at work. No one can blame you for missing out the critical emails and conferences, at the same time, you can be more alert thanks to the workout your body is getting every day.

Don’t deny the benefits of treadmills

Walking on the treadmill is an aerobic activity that increases blood circulation. It can not only prevent the tedium that sets in at the end of every weekday, but it can mobilize your joints and relieve the pressure your lower back, neck, and knees experience from prolonged sitting. The desktop treadmill can ameliorate any risk of the “sitting diseases” you might be facing. Even when you are walking no faster than 2 miles per hour, you can be reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, blood sugar, and blood pressure by at least 50%. Additionally, the improvement of blood circulation reduces the chances of osteoporosis and vascular diseases. People in their middle-ages, find added energy to do their regular work and add a couple more hours of family time per weekend after they take up working out during work hours on a regular basis.

Do you know who uses the treadmill desks today?

We have a couple of impressive names using treadmills with desks today. They may not endorse these fitness products, but they are the most excellent examples of how adding a dose of fitness to your daily work life can change the way you look, feel and perform.

Jimmy Kimmel

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! Host Jimmy Kimmel is famous for a lot more than his comedy style and writing. Recently, he showed off a treadmill desk that allows him to talk and work while he is on call. In his interview, he added, “I read that sitting all day can take away about 15 years off a person’s life”. That was enough to motivate him to get off his buns and start walking.

Victoria Beckham

She leads, and the world follows. Posh has a secret love for treadmills that allow her to work while she is working out. These new-age ergonomic treadmills are the secret to her active lifestyle, endless energy, and great body!

If you want to adopt an active lifestyle that your current job won’t allow, then it is time to make a smart addition to your workspace. Say “hello” to a new treadmill desk today!

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