It’s Easier Than Ever to Start a Lawn Care Business

It has never been easier to start a lawn care company.



Yes, believe it or not, technology has created a wide-open door into an industry that teenagers have been participating in for decades.

How can owning and operating a lawn care business be easier?

The good old days of going door to door offering to mow the local lawns are fading away. The truth is, your neighbors probably agreed to that because they thought it was cute and couldn’t bear to tell you no. We hardly ever see posters stapled to telephone poles anymore. While that may still work in the small town, it probably won’t work in the city.

We are now in the information age, and people are influenced by convenience. What if someone could schedule somebody to mow their lawn with a few taps on their phone? Would technology like this cause a person to move on from the local teenager who mows their lawn once a week?

The on-demand economy has created a plethora of Uber for X businesses that serve in the home service space. For everything your home needs, at least five apps are claiming to have the answer. Lawn care is one of those home services that has become well covered. Companies like Lawnlove and GreenPal offer lawn care scheduling with quality professionals and Lula even allows you to schedule professionals to come in as little as two hours.

Now someone might ask, “aren’t those types of companies creating barriers to entry for anyone who wants to become a lawn care provider?”

It’s only a barrier if someone isn’t willing to adopt a new technology to find customers. These companies have created technologies that serve a two-sided market. Meaning they are benefitting the providers and the customers. The provider gets a job, and the customer gets their work done.

These technologies have the potential to replace the traditional marketing methods that a business might invest their money into. Add that to the old sign on the telephone pole, and your phone may be ringing off the hook.

What’s required to start a lawn care business?

The first thing anyone will need is the proper lawn care equipment. If you don’t have a lawnmower or a vehicle, you probably shouldn’t start a landscaping business.

To be considered for these on-demand platforms, you must have the proper licensing and insurance. Different states have different laws regarding business licensing, so look into those before running out and doing all of the necessary paperwork. Regardless, obtaining a lawn care business license and insurance should not be too complicated. Once you have insurance and a license, you can start scheduling jobs.

Finding consistent lawn care jobs can be one of the trickier parts of the business. With these apps, you can see jobs and build a client base without too much legwork. You can go from no jobs to a full schedule as soon as you start.

Not to mention the apps handle all of the transactions. All you have to do is collect your payout!

There are other technologies that have made starting a lawn care business easier:

1) Finding customers is extremely important, but if you plan to get the most out of your time, you need to minimize your time on the road. The GPS that we have access to with our phones can help us get to your destination on time.

2) GasBuddy is an app that enables you to find which gas stations have the lowest gas prices. Since gas will be one of your primary expenses, you will want to save every bit of money you can. Find the cheapest gas station and fill up all of your equipment (and extra).

3) Freshbooks is a software that helps small businesses track everything including invoices, expenses, projects, and time. Staying organized should be a top priority when first starting a business, this software helps you do just that.

I have seen teenagers start a successful lawn care business. I have seen a retired old man start a successful lawn care business. The privileges we have as a society are granting us unlimited opportunities to be entrepreneurs. Anyone can be successful, but it’s all about knowing and utilizing the tools we have at our disposal. While it may be true that business without technology is not impossible, it can be a disadvantage.

Josh Matteson
Josh Matteson
Josh Matteson is a writer for Lula an on-demand home services company based in Kansas City.


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