Best Javascript Frameworks to Learn

Are you seeking for best Javascript Frameworks to enhance your programming skills? Then this article is exclusive for you to choose the best javascript framework to learn this year.

JavaScript is one of today’s most popular programming languages. It’s at the heart of web development, and with the help of frameworks is now being introduced to mobile applications. According to GitHub, JavaScript is THE most popular programming language in 2017, with 2.3 million pull requests ( requests to download or change a project’s code)

Frameworks in a language are like skeletons to human beings. They provide the infrastructure needed to create a program without having to go through the hassle of the basics. You can then focus on building your own software, which makes the development process much faster, more efficient and robust. These frameworks are usually open source projects, so technically, you’re getting the code of hundreds of professional developers that normally you’d have to write yourself – that’s if you could-.

As a developer, you need to be able to harvest the power of these frameworks. Though not all of them as too much information is not necessarily good for you, or anybody. So if you need to get your head around the best Javascript frameworks to learn, we’re here to help.

#1. Angular

Image Source: angularjs.org

AngularJS 1.x is actually the first framework to appear on this list and is widely adopted by many large companies, like PayPal, The Guardian, and Upwork.

Angular is light, works very well with JQuery – the library powering 77% of the web- and is compatible with modern browsers. It has a quick code production cycle and could be easily tested. Angular provides a set of features that help create fast responsive websites, with a 2-way data binding system that allows the changes in the back-end to reflect on the UI immediately. Angular currently possesses the largest community for a web Javascript framework with 6 thousand contributors around the world.

Angular2: This framework comes with a long list of features that aim to make it faster and more appealing for large enterprises. Generally, Angular2 is well suited for creating applications for the Web, mobile, or even the desktop.


#2. ReactJS and React Native

Image Source: reactjs.org

ReactJS tutorial is not actually a framework; it’s a library that uses JavaScript to build user interfaces. Only it’s simpler, faster and highly scalable in code.

However, it’s usually held in comparison with Angular so we decided to mention it anyway. The virtual DOM in React provides a great boost in performance when compared to Angular.js. This makes it suitable for web applications with high traffic like Facebook and Instagram. React is one of the most forked projects on GitHub with 8 thousand times.

Now, Let’s talk about React Native, which is actually a framework. React Native is used for native mobile applications development using JavaScript and React. Its most interesting feature is the shared code across IOS and Android. React Native allows you to develop for both IOS and Android at the same time; this feature has made the framework quite popular among many fortune 500 companies.

Just like React, Facebook created it and it’s used in their applications. The React Native project on GitHub has got the second largest amount of contributors, with 8.8 thousand contributors around the world.

#3. EmberJS

Image Source: emberjs.com

Back in 2015, Ember was named the best Javascript framework out there, leaving behind Angular and React. It’s widely used for enterprises looking to build rich web applications. It uses the same 2-way data binding method as Angular. The framework has got a huge community and undergoes regular updates, which results in a rich experience.

The Internet is loaded with Ember courses and tutorials, and you can enjoy the easy learning curve of Ember.

#4. Vue JS

Image Source: vuejs.org

The framework said to be faster than all other frameworks, including React and Angular. Vue is for those people who cherish performance the most. Vue brings the best of all the Afro mentioned frameworks. It provides a virtual DOM at its core like React, 2 way-data binding and server rendering. You also have the optional JSX syntax which makes the coding experience much more enjoyable. However, since it’s a new project, there’s a risk of adopting it due to the lack of resources.

#5. Meteor JS

Image Source: meteor.com

Meteor comes with an arsenal of features for backend, frontend, rendering and database management. It’s the framework to answer all your needs. Meteor empowers the development of end-to-end and mobile applications written in pure JS. It has got a swift and agile performance and allows the creation of responsive UI. It’s currently used in real-time systems like Mazda and IKEA, and the ecosystem is growing at a massive pace.

Honorable Mentions:

  • BackboneJS

There’s a confusion of whether Backbone’s a library or a framework, yet many developers do consider it a framework so let’s just leave it there. Backbone is widely used thanks to the fact that it’s easy to learn and the usability modules it contains. Backbone is used to create single page applications on the web using the traditional libraries. It has got great documentation and adopted in many of the famous applications like WordPress, Trello, Linkedin.

  • PolymerJS

Polymer is a framework developed by Google. It has got a modern outlook and material design that aims to dumb the framework usage and make it easier to deal and interact with. Supported by many modern browsers, Polymer is designed to build cutting-edge web applications with a great toolbox.

  • Batman JS

Imagine how it’d sound like if some said that Batman is helping him build an application. Well, Batman can help you too, because this framework is no joke. Batman Javascript is a micro-framework that aims to facilitate the process of creating a fast web application with high performance.

Batman JS can be your new JavaScript Hero.


Deciding which Javascript framework to learn and use should not be dependent on the number of features it offers. Rather, you should first look into the goals and the requirements of your project/task.

It’s really easy to get distracted while learning something for the first time. So keep your mind focused on one of the Javascript frameworks who got a lot of documentation. If you’re a novice, keep an eye on the frameworks with huge communities. You can also check the most famous applications using the framework to get motivated.

We wish you good luck!

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