Kalamkari Sarees: The Beauty Personified

Kalamkari sarees are beautiful handmade sarees. The word ‘kalam’ which translates to pen signifies that the designs of these sarees are manually crafted. Natural dyes are used for the preparation of these sarees. The designs of these sarees mostly depict mythological stories and give one an ethnic look. You can buy them from style caret.

Here is a list of different styles of Kalamkari sarees:

Srikalahasti Style – The designs tell mythological stories, epics, religious anecdotes and ancient artworks. Dyes and colors are absent in these sarees. It has monochrome drawings drawn by sharpened bamboo or pen. These sarees were popular during the rule of Vijayanagara Empire.

Pure cotton kesh style- Kesh style is originally from Bengal’s Shantiniketan. It belongs to the time of Rabindranath Tagore. This saree is prepared by weaving threads. Intricate works of Kalamkari on these sarees gives an intellectual look to the person.

Machilipatnam Style- If you want to add organic flavor to your look, then these sarees are the perfect choice for you. In machilipatnam style, the fabric is made from natural dyes. The dyes used are extracted from vegetables and flowers. Wooden blocks are used to apply these dyes on the saree.

Multi-Color Jungle Print Kalamkari style with Zari Embroidery

In these sarees the print is in jungle print which will be in multi-color and the border is in zari. Tribal jewelry or junk silver jewelry goes well with these sarees.

Muga Silk Saree with Hand Painted Kalamkari designs- A silk saree always gives an ethnic look along with royal grandeur. Golden shaded saree with fine kalamkari designs on it gives one an elegant look.

Bengal Handloom Half-Kesh Half-Kalamkari style- Kesh had its origin in Bengal during the time of Tagore. While kalamkari is an ancient style present throughout India. This gives a unique mixture which makes the saree look wonderful. Such sarees have both ethnic and modern appeal.

Assam silk with kalamkari designs- These sarees are light to carry. Such sarees are easy to carry and gives an elegant look at the same time. Assam silk sarees usually have a shade of mustard color. On these while fine artworks of kalamkari are added, it makes the saree look really unique and elegant.

Khadi Silk Sarees with Block Kalamkari Print style

Khadi silk with kalamkari block prints is a perfect blend of ethnic look and modern look. The plus point about khandi silk is that it can be worn in all seasons. Kalamkari designs on them removes the plain look of the khadi.

Pochampally Ikkat style with Kalamkari Blocks- The body of these sarees are made with geometrical patterns of kalamkari prints. If you are someone who like patterns made of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, this saree is a perfect fit for you. These sarees can make one look stylish in house parties.

Chettinadu Cotton style with Kalamkari Prints- These handcrafted sarees are very popular in South India. Chettinadu cotton sarees come in colors which are dark and bright. These sarees have a simple base. The adornments of kalamkari add to its simplicity.

Peacock Kalamkari style with Floral Design

Usually the body of these sarees is in bluish green color. The decoration of such sarees with floral designs gives a perfect dress for house parties, anniversary celebrations and birthday parties.

Ponduru Khadi Sarees with Kalamkari Print- Ponduru Khadi sarees are not much available in India at the present. This is because the material has become really rare. However, this saree gives one classy and stylish look. They are also comfortable in all seasons.

Narayanpet Sarees with Kalamkari Blocks- These sarees are light weighted. The body of the saree has a checked surface and zari embroidery. In the pallu, usually there are deigns of temples and other religious anecdotes. The body of the saree is handloom and the pallu has designs of blocks. It gives a contrasting and unique look.

Dhakai Jamdani Sarees with Kalamkari Block Print – Jamdani is one of the finest woven muslin textiles of Bengal. These sarees are light and hence can be worn on casual occasions. They are extremely comfortable to wear and give one a simple look.

Dark Crepe Kalamkari Sarees

Crepe sarees are hand-loomed sarees. They are extremely light weighted. They give both formal and semi-formal look. One can wear these sarees to office, meeting and any other formal situations.

Bright Georgette Kalamkari Sarees- These sarees can be used as a daily wear for office as they have an extremely thin structure. They can be worn for any other formal occasions. When paired with silver and gold brocade, this gives an elegant look.

Kalamkari Printed Dharmavaram Sarees- The uniqueness about these sarees is that they can go well with many occasions; formal, parties and festive occasions. These sarees have broad borders with bright colors, contrasting pallus and body with kalamkari prints.

Chanderi Hand Printed Kalamkari Sarees

These sarees are originally from Madhya Pradesh. They are made from pure silk, silk cotton and chanderi cotton. This saree gives a royal appeal to the person.

Kalamkari Printed Venkatagiri Sarees- The body of these sarees is made of fine weaving and has zari embroidery. Kalamkari prints used in these sarees are usually parrot prints, swan prints and peacock prints according to the South Indian style.

Kalamkari Printed Kerala Cotton Sarees- These sarees have a body made of pure cotton. They are simple sarees and kalamkari prints adds elegance to them. These sarees are a perfect fit for the areas with heavy rainfall.

Kosa (Tussar) Silk Sarees with Kalamkari Print

These sarees usually have a body of golden shades with kalamkari prints on it. They are a perfect fit for weddings and other grand celebrations.

Sambalpuri Hand Printed Kalamkari Sarees- These sarees have their origin in Orissa. They are the traditional handloom of Orissa. Kalamkari designs on them give a very traditional look. These sarees can be worn on religious occasions.

Uppada Sarees with Kalamkari Print- These sarees come in dark and bright colors. They have a rustic body and kalamkari prints increases its rusticity. They are very popular in Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India.

Half Net-Woven Cotton Sarees with Kalamkari Print

These sarees are either fine woven with netted embroidery or half netted woven cotton sarees. They can be worn in any formal occasions like a formal party or a meeting.

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