Kia Stinger – Stinging The Luxury Auto World!

When you think about the leading sports car, Kia might not be the first thing to come to your mind – but it should be. The new Kia Stinger is making its way to the head of the race-car class with vigor. Taking the American, Asian, and European markets by storm, the new redesign and features of the 2018 Stinger are “stinging” the rest of the luxury class, causing those in the luxury car market to give it some serious consideration.

One of the most amazing sports sedans, the Kia Stinger is turning the heads of those who would have never thought that a Kia could compete in the luxury world. The Stinger luxury car is steadily making a name for itself.

Although Kia is typically known for their presence in the minivan market, the Kia Forte Koup and Stinger is breaking all the rules and trying to break into a very exclusive club. It is a midsize, almost crossover sedan, with a five-door hatchback and a style unlike any other.  Although somewhere in between a sedan and a crossover, that puts the Stinger in a class all its own. Made with an upscale quality material, the dynamic interior, exterior, and attention to detail under the hood are all pretty outstanding.

Somewhere between a sports car and a hatchback crossover, consumers who are looking for a little bit of everything might find some real appeal in getting the luxury cake but getting to eat dirt-cheap too. Made to compete with the likes of the Audi Sportback A5 and A7 and the Porsche Panamera, Kia is really putting themselves out there to try to break into a market so heavily dominated by luxury heavy-hitters. The best part about the Kia Stinger, and the one that might make more of those in the luxury market think twice, is the awesome price.

You can purchase the Kia Stinger for just over $32,000, which includes some really awesome upgrades. Try getting that price on an Audi or a Porsche – it just isn’t possible. Offering generous room for both passengers and everything you want to bring along, the Stinger is an awesome alternative to those other luxury vehicles that might empty your bank account.

If you want a little more power, then the Stinger does come with a twin-turbocharged GT and GT2, but that will put you in a price range close to $52,000. So the price is all about the amount of speed you feel you need. The best part is that if you do choose to rev it up, you are going to get more power than you would with an Audi for a much lower cost. The Audi is also smaller on the inside, so if you chose the Audi over the Stinger you would be sacrificing the convenience and comfort of bringing things along or letting your passengers sprawl out and enjoy the ride.

In between the GT and the regular Stinger is the Stinger Premium, which runs about $38,000. It has the addition of an all-wheel drive, and it has a third-row seat and is considered more of an SUV or crossover with more room.

The best part of the Stinger is its ability to be totally customized, so that your driver’s seat is more like a command center. The soft fabrics, metal scents, and windshield pillars all are high-end finishes that don’t cost you as much as other manufacturers charge. The instruments are concise and easy to use, and the decoration is kept to a minimum. Though it might not have as much flair and flash as you see with other luxury vehicles, sometimes less is more – and much less confusing for drivers.

The GT2 trim comes equipped with Nappa leather upholstery that allows you to sit pretty and get comfortable for the ride ahead. The infotainment system is also state-of-the-art, with everything you need at your fingertips. Climate controls are separate from the dash screen with menus to make every passenger comfortable. Also not skimping on connectivity, the infotainment system is fully integrable with both Apple and Android to stream live music and other app features.

Kia might be best known for their minivan models, but the Stinger just might be able to change all that. A bit less “family car” and a lot more luxury, it might give Audi and Porsche a run for their money.

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