Know More On Bmc Footprints: Its Services And Features

BMC FootPrints is an easy to install service solution. It is durable, overarching integrated IT management service which helps to create useful business value. BMC FootPrints is a one and only solution that is brisk and web based which gives easy installation and other using outlets.

With a firm highlight on customer satisfaction and other IT service BMC FootPrints gives a true value to IT firms providing a tough support to any business. This platform gives a wide array of controlling options to manage various IT assets making sure that costs control, efficient driving, compliance maintenance and other risk in finance is prevented highly.  With the union of IT service with asset management the business can increase tremendously giving a firm focus on productivity.

With the help of BMC FootPrints you can without hassle initiate tracks, route with no sticking to any program. Maintain security and other control change scraping any additional costs. Check SLA adherence with a view to make service cost less and also enhancing communication between two. You will be able to link and manage problems, incidents, change and other configurations. Also you can request any service easily with the Service Catalog feature. To know whether there is no unauthorized access to business that will create security issues the bmc software footprints will make and manage plain plan of assets configuration.

BMC FootPrints gives a most important platform to help manage average size organizations and other IT services. They have various features like:

Service Desk

With this feature one can create incidents and problems with various service request via templates to check history of all activities. Service desk feature will manage investigation towards difficult problems. Problems, service, changes, etc can be linked with the help of service desk. One can post its queries, browse self service for your knowledge base and also see progress. With service desk, there are reduced chances of any major business loss because it gives analysis regarding any visual impact your business has faced.

Change Management

It is important to plan your service to prevent additional cost. Change management feature will help you to do so. It helps to manage approvals and also enhance audit changes. Changes such as problems, articles and incidents can be seamlessly linked.


With enormous audiences you can now add browsable catalogues on various services with respect to definition, development and publishment of your business with catalog and portfolio management feature. With this you are able to link contracts to allied service to keep record on achievement.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management feature will let highlighted information ready for the users. With each user demand you can create various knowledge data and then further link it to other sources to specify more detailed information.

Configuration Management Database

With configuration management databases you can link CIs with other updates such as changes, issues, incidents and contact to see how organization works. One can easily create CIs with bmc software footprints to recognize any problems. Also, if one is planning to update you can trace version and other information regarding warranty service.


You can automate your business steps with stuffing various rules and regulations into the business needs. With workflow automation one can easily use GUI workflow ideas.


Easily create your schedule on report delivery with reporting feature. Report will also lead in creating custom built reports depending on the needs. Also, to get brisk response you can pass out the dashboards as well.


With Mobile feature you can easily access FootPrints from anywhere and anytime you want through your device. You can even glance on assignments and update other impending data through mobile, this will help to improve your agent’s product efficiency.

Service Level Management

Service management feature will help you to view your success rate on how you manage SLAs, OLAs, with other upcoming or undergoing contracts. It will enforce resolution for all purposes.

Unlimited Portals

This will help to make your system work depending on how you want it to work. Whatever kind of business user you are, you will be able to design various portals as per your needs. Best for securing the information from the people who should not view it.

Client Management Integration

This feature helps to get access to get live information on customer machine. All the remote driven services like remote control, logs or other processes running services, rebooting, device waking up and many others can be performed with this feature. With bmc software footprints development you can also vary changes automatically.

Dynamic Sql Link

You can easily get connected with the external system so that you can remove necessary information onto your tickets through any MS SQL source. Also, dynamically get linked to CRM system so that your address book is your source to pull contacts. You can either pull data through any management system on your changes.

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