Lead Generation Strategies That You Can Implement to Attract Leads

Marketing plays a pivotal role in a business and its path towards gaining revenue. Lead generation is an important aspect of marketing as it focuses on generating and initiating the customer’s interest in a service or product. A company or marketer will need to employ lead generation strategies with the goal of making the potential leads engage with the business on their website, emails, or social profiles. To put it simply, lead generation is a procedure where a business aims to attract and convert complete strangers into leads.

Leads are created for various purposes. The leads can be included in newsletter list acquisition, list building, or sales leads. The leads are usually taken down into the marketing funnel where they are nurtured with email campaigns. Through strategic email copywriting, the leads can be converted into paying customers.


A lead refers to an individual that shows interest in a service or product of a company. The interest may be shown in various ways, shapes, or forms. The way a leader can manifest can be as simple as liking a post or visiting the website.

Leads might come from different lead generation strategies. The activities can involve marketing tactics through the internet. Leads can be generated from paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, email campaigns, and social media. The most utilized channel of getting leads would be through emails. Content marketing comes second and SEO would be the third-in-line when it comes to the best channels to generate leads. A referral is a powerful channel to also gain leads.

Leads would usually learn more or hear about the business after they have opened communication. The communication can be from submitting an email address to get a trial offer, freebies, or subscriptions. The lead could have seen a social media post or an ad where they were offered a free e-book if they signed up. The email they sent will be the contact point of the businesses who were gathering leads.

Leads are part of the transition where a visitor is converted into a customer. Every lead has different stages and is nurtured in various ways that will appeal to their needs.


Lead magnets are used to entice leads to open the communication path with the business. It is basically the incentive offered to potential customers or interested leads. The business provides valuable information on the lead magnet. In exchange, the prospect gives her contact information or email. Some examples of lead magnets include:

  • E-books
  • Webinars
  • Whitepapers
  • Reports
  • Blueprint and resource guides

Lead Generation Strategies That You Can Implement to Attract Leads

Develop multiple opt-in choices and opportunities

In order for you to generate leads, the lead must engage with any of your lead generation strategies. To increase your chances, increase the ways where people can opt-in. This is where content marketing, SEO, and social media become very important. Create irresistible content for your lead magnet and use SEO or social media to promote it. Other opt-in opportunities include free e-books, blueprints, webinars, live demos, free reports, and resource guides.

Make sure your landing page or website has the content needed by the prospects

Once the prospect clicks the link to your website or landing page, you have to ensure that you are ready to receive them. For instance, the prospect is looking for a good marketing service for his business, your website or landing page must be able to provide the information he needs. List down your services and how it can help the prospect. In this way, it will be easier to nurture and Use various platforms to get leads

Use SEO, social media, and email campaigns to generate leads. You must ensure that you rank high on search engines. Whenever prospects typed in their queries, your website must be visible so that you have higher chances of getting their clicks and put your content in front of them.

Make use of social media in your lead generation campaigns. Social media has millions to billions of people logging in every day. There are people that are on their social media accounts that can become your lead. Create creative content that is shareable on social media.

Be strategic with email copywriting

Once you have familiarized yourself with your leads, an email will play a major role in converting the lead to a paying customer. Write persuasive call-to-action emails while making your email content valuable so that the leads will find always open it.

Understanding Buyer Personas

Understanding buyer personas involve identifying your ideal customer profile. A buyer persona refers to a business model describing your target customer. It is based on in-depth audience research. When it comes to the main idea of buyer personas, it involves creating an ideal customer profile like a real person, allowing targeted marketing messages.

Understanding buyer personas is one way to know your prospective customers to generate more leads. So how do you create in-depth buyer personas?

Here’s how:

  • Uncover trends by evaluating your contacts database, including how certain customers or leads find and use your web content.
  • Forms can be used to capture the information of your target audience. You can upload forms on your website and ask each lead for their information.
  • It’s also important to consider your sales team’s feedback because your salespeople interact with your leads the most.
  • Interview customers and prospective leads to discover the qualities of your products and services they like the most.

Use Your Contacts to Your Advantage

If you’re still starting as an entrepreneur, it’s important to utilize cost-effective means to gain and grow your leads. One way to do it is to use your contacts to your advantage, including your phone book’s list of contacts, your social media contacts, and neighborhood or local contacts.

These people are the ones who can likely show full support and spread the word to their contacts. It’s one way to create a solid client base and ensure that you gain organic traffic from new prospects since their close friends and relatives referred your business.

Here’s how:

  • Add your contacts on your social media.
  • Invite them to follow and like your business page.
  • Use your contacts as influencers to ask them to share your web content and social media posts to encourage their contacts and to avail of your products and services.

Lead generation is a very helpful marketing strategy where it places a funnel that aims to cultivate leads. Utilize lead generation operations with valuable information and tactical planning of your marketing activities.

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