How to Leverage Blogging Influencers in a Roundup Blog Post

Whether you are a blogger or a brand, your goal is to gain more website traffic for your bottom line income, whether that comes in the form of advertising money, sponsored posts, blog-related product sales, or brand product and service sales to customers.  Gone are the days of building a blog or website, sitting back, and watching the customers flow in (or did those days ever exist)?  One of the most effective and efficient ways to gain reach out of your website is to leverage other bloggers in the form of a roundup post.

Roundup Blog Posts: The Basics

A roundup post is precisely what it the name infers: an article that gathers a bunch of bloggers’ insights, quotes, comments, or other content.  Why are roundup posts so compelling and effective?  Today more than ever, consumers do not always want to hear from a brand or blogger directly about their services.  In fact, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over those coming from advertisers.  For this and many other reasons, brands and marketers have begun turning towards bloggers for their influence.  Roundup posts are one form of influencer marketing that you can easily leverage on your own.

Roundup Post: How To Create a Surefire Blog Influencer Strategy

  1. If you want to take advantage of this DIY form of influencer marketing in the blog-sphere, the steps are simple.
  2. Decide the goal of your post.  Will you be asking a question for the bloggers to answer?  Is this an informative post?  Are you trying to gain more reach for your brand or blog?  
  3. Based on your initiative and audience, create an extensive list of bloggers to target in an email blitz.
  4. Research each blogger to send a personalized email and ask them what you require of them for the blog.  Include all specifics as well as a timeline.  
  5. Be sure to follow up!  They are busy blogging and will likely not respond to your initial inquiry.  
  6. If your goal is 20 bloggers, consider reaching out to 50-70 to hit your ideal numbers.


Getting the Most Out of Your Roundup Post

Simply putting together a blogger roundup post and including a bunch of other bloggers will not guarantee a win.  There are a few aspects of this strategy to keep in mind and infuse in your process if you want your efforts to be worthwhile and as productive as possible.

  • Consider including a CTA at the end of the post.  If you are a blog, ask people to join your email list or similar.  If you are a brand, direct consumers to your contact page or product landing page.  
  • Only target niche-specific bloggers.  If you do not hear from as many as you had hoped, it is better to work with fewer influencers than to expand your search and include folks whose audience will not care about the topic at hand.
  • It doesn’t hurt to with micro-influencers and less well-known bloggers if you are struggling to reach the more popular ones.  While it is great to have big goals in mind, sometimes to reach the next level we have to begin with small steps.  

For example, If you are a small company or blog with only a couple of thousand followers and a couple of hundred customers, a micro-influencer/ blogger whose blog reach is around 2,000 followers, and social media is similar is the perfect fit.  Alternatively, your dream blogger drawing an audience of 2M per month could prove more worthwhile for next year’s roundup campaign.

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