Leverage On Social Media Profile Share Video And Get Viral

You can leverage the powers of emotions to increase the virality of your videos and achieve excellent brand promotion or brand marketing.

Here are some of the best possible ways of leveraging on your social media profiles to make your videos more viral;

#1: Make Use of Live Features

Social media networks such as Facebook, have included the “Live” feature on their network, which allows each user to go live for a long period of time and it is one of the best video sharing made easy features on social media. This explains why there has been an increase in the video frequencies on your social media profiles. If you want to raise the curiosity of your followers, you need to live-broadcast yourself at any given opportunity. Everyone wants to know why you are live, hence it is an opportunity to advertise your brand product and services.

When you are planning a live video, you need to take note of that time when most of your audience is active on social media. Though the ideal length of a live video is usually a minute, and the reason being that viewers may lose interest after a while. For this reason, make sure the most important part of your message has been passed in the first 60 seconds of the video. Make sure you use a standard widescreen ratio of 16:9 because it is the most suitable widescreen for Facebook video. Facebook will normally give you options for the screen before you go live with your video.

Make sure you use some catchy and compelling captions for the video so as to grab the attention of viewers the more. There are a number of online avenues such as BombBomb where you can perfect your videos before going live on a social media network. You need to keep in mind that more than 80% of videos on Facebook, by default, do not come with sound, you need to change this setting before going live.

#2: Leverage on The Powers of Emotions

Videos that have happy endings usually get shared faster than those with sad endings. Similarly, videos that invoke the “awe” feeling also get shared more rapidly.  Since happiness has been hard-wired into all humans, it is important to keep in mind Video sharing made easy with emotional attachments will get more response than a plain and straightforward video. Make sure there is a reason to keep your viewers happy.

According to a research conducted on 500,000 social media users at Connell university, with the participant’s social media contents altered with positive and negative content appearing on their newsfeeds, it was observed that there was more emotional synchronization with those who had more positive videos on their social media feeds, than those who had more negative videos to see. There were more of those who saw positive contents who readily shared the videos and fewer people share negative contents among those who saw more negative videos on their social profiles. You can’t leverage on your social media profiles by reporting only negative news like the media houses. Make your videos more positive, with more humor and you will make it more viral. Top website such as BombBomb, for instance, do possess Video sharing made easy techniques that can generate great contents. According to researchers, the top 10 emotions that should be displayed in your video to make them viral are; amusement, Interest, surprised, happiness, Delight, Pleasure, Joy, Hope, affection, and excitement.

#3: Share Inspirational Achievements

Whether the achievements are yours or someone else, people tend to react to videos that are inspirational in many ways. If your followers like you or comment on your posts, they want to learn more about your brand and what makes you very successful. There are so many inspiring things you can share; your commemoration medal, your key to success, even the techniques you used in making small achievements are not too little to share on your social media.

People want to learn new ways to make money, they want to learn about products that will simplify their lives, hence they will readily share your contents if they can benefit from such.

#4: Invoke Some Feelings of Fear Sparingly

Just because the feeling of happiness in videos make them more engaging does not mean you cannot create even more engaging videos by invoking fear in your followers. The issue here is that you need to use this technique sparingly, you don’t want your followers to see you as someone who wants to scare them at all times. Inciting anger in your followers can be very dangerous to your brand marketing, but inciting fear and then offering solutions through your brand is one sure way of increasing awareness and engagements with your videos. You need to be cautious when sharing videos that can invoke anger, you don’t want to scare away your potential business leads, and at the same time, they may not share such anger-invoking videos.

In conclusion, there is no easier way to video sharing made easy other than through viral video developers such as BombBomb.

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