The Major Benefits of Today’s Emerging Electric Vehicles on the Road

Electric vehicles or electric cars make use of one or more traction motors that serve as its driving force. There are several ways to power a vehicle. This includes using collector systems by electricity, battery, solar panels, or through an electric generator.

A statistics portal revealed that people use 1.2 million electric vehicles globally from 2012 to 2016. According to Statista, the worldwide use of electric vehicles for transportation interest automakers to tap the market for electric vehicles.

Statistics also showed China as the leading market for electric car use as of December 2017. Europe comes in second, followed by the United States, California, Norway, and Japan.

Electric vehicles are deemed to be advantageous to its users. Some of the benefits of choosing an electric vehicle over a conventional car include the following:

Enhanced Digital Connection

Just like when you’re charging your phone, EVs can be charged at home. You can also prepare them for use in the next day. Compared to conventional cars, electric vehicles are also more digitized. Some charging stations offer a feature where you can charge the e-vehicle through a mobile app.

Less Damaging to The Environment

Greenhouse gas emissions can be limited if you charge your EV with the use of renewable energy. EV’s are unlike conventional cars that contribute to air pollution especially those that are not well-maintained. They are less damaging to the environment since they do away with harmful emission.

Added Government Incentives and Subsidies

Some countries like China, United States, and Norway give government incentives for e-vehicle users. Demand for electric vehicles is also growing in these countries due to subsidies and other perks such as toll fee exemptions and free parking.

Less Expensive to Maintain

Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain compared to conventional ones because it has less moving parts. An expensive exhaust system, motors, and other systems are also not necessary for an electric vehicle.

Improved Safety

Some electric vehicles have features that can improve safety. Since the gravity of EVs are usually low centre, the risk of them rolling over is little. The chances of fires or explosions are also lower because of its construction, and the durability of electric cars also make them safer in a collision.

This 2018, experts shared their predictions and developments for electric vehicles. In a published article titled, “Experts Share Their 2018 Electric Vehicle Predictions & Developments,” author Loren McDonald listed down experts’ opinion on the developments in the electric car industry and what could possibly be different in electric vehicles moving forward.

For instance, Doug Campbell predicts that the technology, the diversity in vehicles, and the overall sales experience will help propel the EV customers beyond early adopters” for this year. Matt Teske, on the other hand, predicts news about electric cars will still continue to spread fuelling the general public’s interest. Scott Merser also believes the e-mobility discussion will compose of infrastructure awareness and access. At the same time, he looks forward to a massive dissemination of useful and universal electric vehicle infrastructure.

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