6 Marketing Ideas for Promotional Products Distributors in 2019

Being a professional in advertising area means that you know which and how creative ideas you can bring to your clients. However, it may sound surprisingly, lots of companies and their owners are still in trouble when it comes to online marketing for their businesses. The situation becomes more dramatic if you don’t have your own marketing team. The point is that we should care not only about our clients, but about our project as well.

No one said it is an easy job, it can be a full-time activity, but ignoring your needs today may lead to disaster in a week. And, vice versa, if you find time right now your project will stay healthy for a long time in the future.

The ideas we have collected should be considered even if you feel there is nothing to add to your plan of daily activities. Start right now to be ready right in time to discuss with your clients needs and opportunities of the project for the next year.

#1. Transfashion the overlook of your email database

You should enlarge the amount of your contacts as your clients is your daily bread. There are oceans of opportunities, everything is not finished with email mailouts. However, the problem can be not about the amount, but that interesting and challenging campaigns are not worth being developed if your audience is hardly contacted or negotiated.

Clean the mess in your address book: all the contacts should be pasted, insert and kept in one place only. All phones written on piece of papers should be found and in your database.

Find options for making your database bigger, it can be:

  • Referral programm (ask your clients who may need your services);
  • Participation in local events of related topic.

#2. Become more vivid

It is the time to come to Instagram and Pinterest. Visual perception is a number one principle distributors rely on to sell more. To be honest, they are more successful than some B2B businesses. You can make the tactics work on you by showing your favourite or the most attractive products to encourage your clients.

What is more, it is a wonderful source to know what your competitors are doing and how their things are going.

In the account you can post photos from your office, probably some events celebration or just funny images to entertain the audience from time to time.

*Mind, all the photos should be of high quality.

#3. More videos

Such type of advertising is excellent as you can demonstrate possibilities of your product, how it should be used and so on. You get voice of your product and, thus, more appreciated by the clients. Advertising network platform offer different pricing models for publisher and advertiser to boost your revenue. Polus.media works with different online ads– banner advertising, video content, mobile ads. For publisher and advertiser we offer different pricing models – CPI, CPM, CPC etc.

*Do the same job you are doing for your clients: film reports from the factory, invite experts in the studio, interview your partners to give more information about your product.

We are not talking about long and serious films, but do it as well as you can: people will have better understanding who you are and will be more motivated to get in touch with you.

#4. Use paid version of social media

The profile on Facebook itself is a bit not enough. If you pay a bit for business account you will have more opportunities for displaying, likes collecting and all that stuff for promotion.

#5. Implement retargeting

Each client that has once visited your page, but left without conversion it is your missed income.

Retargeting will help you to bring your clients back and, at the same time, to work on your brand awareness.

*Read about Pixel technology to know more about it.

#6. Automate your marketing activities

Next years are expected to be under the slogan “Do it for me”, that means that you can delegate some your task and devote more time to your clients.

Hiring a marketing team may be a very expensive idea, but you can start with automated programs to feel at least half free.

Probably, this year is the time to leave your shell. Trying to do it yourself may be quite challenging, but it is better than doing nothing at all.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza is a blogger and web entrepreneur. He loves to write on Tech and Business related stuff.


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