Micropiles for Deep Foundations

When you’re undertaking a big construction project one of the most important parts of the job is getting the foundation of the building set up properly. One of the best ways to handle this part of the project is to use micropiles to ensure that the foundation can be made as deep as needed and build in a stable and secure fashion. 

A micropile is a high-capacity, high-performance foundation element that is drilled deep into the earth. Micropiles can be extended up to 200 feet and are capable of handling working loads over 200 tons. High strength steel casing, rebar, and grout are the building blocks of micropiles. 

Micropiles work to shift the weight of the structure from unstable soil levels that could give way in environmental accidents like mudslides or earthquakes and move to use more stable soil levels to help secure the building and keep it on a trustworthy and dependable foundation.

The head of your construction crew should be able to map out the soil and show you exactly how the micropiles will be able to bypass the soil layers that will not provide proper support for your building and show you exactly how the micropiles will be able to connect to solid support layers.

Knowing your building is being kept safe from possible natural disasters will give you the peace of mind that your project is being handled in a professional manner by skilled experts. 

Odds are that you’ll be told that micropiles are the right answer to your foundational needs if your building is in an area where the soil is tricky to work with or full of obstructions that could either be natural or man made issues that were created from previous building projects.

If you have an older building that is being renovated it’s possible that micropiles will be brought up as a solution to your problems as the previous support systems might be crumbling from years of wear and tear. It could also be required as a result of new zoning mandates for areas that are prone to earthquakes.

As we learn more and more about natural disasters and how to plan for them the need for stronger foundations to protect against calamity becomes all the more urgent. 

One of the other major benefits of micropiles is that they are quick to install and do not require pre-drilling before they are put into place. This will allow your project to be able to meet your timetable for being finished easier. Working with micropiles is easy and allows the crew to handle the other time consuming parts of a building project without having to stress about getting the foundation of your building secured.

Micropiles are not a universal solution to every building’s issues but when they are useful they can truly be exactly what the job asked for. Finding a construction crew that knows how to get micropiles installed shouldn’t be hard and will allow you to get your project on track and on it’s way to a satisfactory conclusion. 

Steve Max
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