3 Best Movies Streaming Sites Other Than Putlocker

Watching movies and TV shows online is a very convenient way to have entertainment in your home’s relaxed environment. All you need is your computer, the internet connection, and some popcorn. Now that Putlocker is down, you may be looking for some other good movie streaming websites to watch free movies without the signup requirements. There are some fancy looking sites with great interfaces, but they only provide the movie clips or trailers and ask for the complicated procedures that you skip right away. Then there are some that have quite a lot commercial interruptions or very few movie genres to offer. We’ve checked them all and finalized three best websites for you that will provide you the same movie watching experience as that of Putlocker or perhaps even better.

Top 3 Alternatives to Putlocker



Crackle is the most widely viewed website for free movies and TV shows online, providing a huge variety and high-quality material. You may have to watch short commercials every once in a while, but they’re brief and only take 2-5 seconds. This website has the best movies and TV shows selection due to the partnership with Sony Pictures. The range includes the ones with release dates of 1960’s to that of recent years, and all are of full length with great graphics. Just like Putlocker, the movies and TV shows are of high quality and can work best with the speed of your Internet. The site allows you to customize the subtitles as you can open the options and change the language, font type & size, border color, foreground, background and even the opacity of the text. The site also allows you to have a theater like an experience by displaying the videos in full-screen mode.



It is our second favorite site that offers more than 1,500 movies from all genres for the viewers to watch. It keeps on adding the movies all the time and do not require any accounts as the user only has to choose the movie and hit “Play”. Due to a user-friendly interface, the search is pretty easy as the genres are provided. This site also offers two additional websites, one solely for kids (Popcornflix Kids) and the other one for people interested in only horror movies (FrightPix). The player options are same as Putlocker, only the full-screen button, volume control, and video scrubbing settings are provided. The best feature is that this site doesn’t have any issues with buffering or loading, the videos do not stop midway even with slow internet speed.



This site offers a huge collection of unique videos that aren’t available on other resources. The movies are provided in the horizontal reel with the details like movie duration, rating, and synopsis. Along with full-length movies and TV shows, you can also see particular movie scenes and trailers/teasers, celebrity news, the biography of actors and the history of movies. There are multiple categories of the videos such as the genres, most popular, recently added and best-rated ones. Moreover, you get to have them filtered by language as well. Viewster also has its app for different devices that offer the same features as that of the website.

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