What You Need from Your CRM Specialists

Summary: People are one of the important components of organizational CRM. In this post, we will see some things you need from your CRM specialists so that you can reap the benefit of your CRM efforts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its importance is not unknown to organizations. However, not all organizations are successful at it either because they don’t have the right people or don’t employ the right tools. In this post, we will talk about the people aspect, and see what you would need from your CRM specialists so that your organization can reap its full benefits. We are not limiting ourselves to just one function – this is applicable for all the business functions involved in CRM.

Being Proactive

One of the most important qualities that you need from your CRM specialists is being proactive. CRM specialists have to take a number of steps to be able to attract, land and retain customers. They need to employ a variety of strategies in this course, and if they are reactive rather than proactive, they will just be also-rans who do not offer any competitive advantage to the organization. Therefore, it is imperative that they are proactive in their actions.

In the same way, they should also be the ones to seize initiatives and initiate actions that will attract and interest customers. All in all, they should be able to think and implement before others can.

Understand Competition

Competition is one of the most defining characteristics of an industry. Unless you are lucky enough to be a true monopoly, your actions are always influenced, if only in part, by your competition. Sales and marketing executives should understand the nature and size of competition so that they can take steps to beat them. There are many frameworks that help understand competition and where one stands in the industry. This will tell them whether they have to change their pricing or their product offering.

Look at Challenges as Opportunities

In CRM, almost everything is a challenge. From attracting a prospect towards your product to be able to offer your customers something better than what your competition can, there are challenges abound, and CRM specialists who get bogged down by these challenges will do no good for you. What they should instead do is to look at these challenges and see what they can do take them on and defeat them. CRM is not an exact science – there is not one single way to success. Whatever steps and strategies organizations employ, as long as they are built on sound sales and marketing principles, they are likely to be successful.

Therefore, what you need are doers who are not scared of challenges, more than experts who might know what to do but will be so bogged down by challenges that they don’t even start.

Be Data-Driven

Being qualitative and intuitive in your approaches might have worked in a time when information was at a premium but they will only set you back in this information age. Today, data is available on almost every aspect of CRM, and CRM specialists must be comfortable with, and understand data, and analyse it to bring out patterns and insights that help them refine their CRM efforts. Whether or not you are using data to your advantage, you can be sure that your competition is sure to be using theirs. From knowing how to segment and whom to target to understanding how successful your marketing efforts are, data can help you in multiple ways, and you need to have an effective data collection and analysis mechanism as part of the CRM function.


CRM specialists need to interact not only among themselves but also with the other business functions in the organization so as to define and refine product offerings and services. Therefore, collaboration is of paramount importance for CRM specialists. If organizations are not careful, it is not uncommon for CRM functions to fall into the trap of formation of silos and be limited in their scope and outlooks. Therefore, effective collaboration should be a quintessential component of CRM, and all data regarding prospects and customers should be shared among everyone.

Be Able to use and Take Advantage of Technology

The world is fast moving into the digital age, and in business software, CRM software solutions have always been at the forefront of fusing business and technology. However, even accounting for all this proliferation, there are still some CRM specialists who think it is adequate for them to have the knowledge and not use these tools. They do their work the old-fashioned way, and expect others, who might be happy with using technology, to adjust.

There is a lot that CRM technology has to offer – it helps CRM specialists plan, implement, and optimize their sales funnels, provides them with analytics, and improves collaboration.

Optimize the Mix and be Flexible

The mix here refers to the combination of marketing and sales efforts that are required to attract and land the customer. These CRM specialists have to try different combinations, and always be flexible in their approaches. Once they find a good combination, they should optimize their efforts, and move on to other mixes once this one is saturated.


Contributed by : James Maron

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