New Trends in Bridal Jewellery

Every bride waits with bated breath for the day when she will be marrying the man of her dreams. Indeed, this day is really special for her since it entails the beginning of a new life with her partner and her past days as a bachelorette come to an end. This is the day when she adorns herself with beautiful pieces of jewellery to look more glamorous. In contemporary times, there have been several changes in bridal jewellery fashion. Let’s find out what these changes are!

Gold is Old, but Not Replaceable!

Recently, it has been seen that the events before and after the wedding are celebrated with as much pomp and splendor as the actual wedding is. That is why the bride has been paying as much attention to the jewellery that she wears at these events as she pays to the jewellery that is to adorn her on the big day, if not more. When it comes to the day of the wedding, traditional pieces of jewellery modeled in gold still rule the bride’s jewellery box. She can look for a gold jewellery designs catalogue with price. But during events like mehndi and post-wedding receptions, the bride prefers to experiment with different non-conventional styles of jewellery. Over the past four or five years, diamonds, rubies, and other precious stones have begun to feature heavily on the bride’s attire before and after the wedding. Jewellery pieces set with uncut diamonds like polki and kundan have also become popular.

The Dress Comes First

The accessories that a bride is about to wear are increasingly being determined by the trends in bridal fashion. In the past, brides used to purchase their wedding jewellery first and chose their bridal attire to match with that jewellery. But today, it is the other way round. Most brides usually select their wedding dresses and apparel for pre- and post-wedding events, and only then do they shop for jewellery to go with those dresses. For instance, if the bride decides to wear on her wedding day something in yellow or pastel pink or even the traditional red, she will pick jewelry pieces that will complement those shades. The same trend is seen when the bride shops for dresses to wear during her post-party reception. If she wants a wedding band, she will look at gold ring designs with price list after choosing her dress.

No More Layers of Jewellery

The bride of the past, especially in the southern and eastern parts of India, used to wear layers of jewellery to wow all the onlookers with an extra sparkle and glamour in her look. Today, however, layered jewellery has been replaced by more elegant and lighter pieces of traditional gold jewellery designed to keep the bride calm and relaxed before the auspicious event takes place. The conventional heavy and chunky jewellery pieces layered one after another are no longer in vogue.

Longer Choker

Earlier, it was rare for a bride to wear a choker to her wedding. If she did at all wear it, it would cover only her neck or a part of her neck. But nowadays a bride’s choker extends down close to the neckline of her dress or blouse.

Temple Jewellery in Vogue

Pieces of gold bridal jewellery featuring lamps, peacocks and other motifs representing the Hindu religion have also been trending recently. The gold used for this temple jewellery is different from the yellow gold used for classic jewellery in the sense that it is of a slightly reddish hue.

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