The Next Big Thing in Web Marketing? The Bot!

For some months now, the BOT, especially the Chatbot, have become the recent trend of web marketing. Indeed, for years the idea that tickles the imagination of the experts, but only in 2016 has exponentially increased the ease of implementation and the possibility of using this particular type of service. Above all, Facebook has helped developers in this way, leaving more work space and greatly facilitating it, copying a bit from the philosophy Telegram, that about BOT and automation was and is still much progress to Mark Zuckerberg’s giant.

BOTs are in addition to what is now a real virtual assistants trend and automation, adding to the various Siri, Cortana, Google Now, with regard to the world Mobile and Google Home and Amazon Echo, with regard to home automation home.

But what should serve the development of a BOT?

To answer the question, let’s try to divide the reasons in macro-categories:

Marketing and E-commerce

The thrust of Facebook, also include the part of the transaction within its platform, it goes exactly in this sense: you can now create BOT that automates certain processes of purchase can be completed entirely without human intervention in the process of selling online.

Also, many are existing BOT able to send, via push notifications, tenders and proposals optimized according to the characteristics and preferences of the customer.

Customer Care

Surely the BOT can avoid some technical support phone calls, at least for the most standard applications. The client often does not want to search for information in the FAQ and through the Chatbot will be able to interact in a more direct and interactive way, with a question and answer session between the client and bots, limiting human intervention only for non-standard cases.

Customer support can be best given through Chatbots.


This can be the most effective way to broadcast any message to customers. Also, this is one of the best way to update user about any promotional offers. A user will be free to sign up and receive news and updates via push notifications directly from the chat.

SEO (?)

This is considerably longer a future scenario, rather than for the immediate, but some experts theorize that due to the amount of data collected, the chat will become in the coming years our New Search Engine.

Therefore, one can think of optimizing their results inside the chat between a Chatbot and a user in near future.

Recently I came across one of the App serving in all these industries, ZORO.IM. Its Chatbot is capable of finding the latest deals and offers from many different brands. In addition, a business can create a channel known as Z channel to share all the updates with its customers.


All these reasons add up to the whole world of Machine learning which is immensely expanding, because the amount of processed data fed up in BOT, if developed wisely, paying the proper target of reference and the right KPI they can be really useful, with a return in terms of customer care, awareness, and revenue.

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