Nine Most Popular Summer Destination Europe

It is that time of the year where we all are looking for a great summer vacation destination. Europe is the perfect place to visit in summer. But there are so many countries in Europe that it can be pretty confusing. Especially when it comes to summer. You may want to go somewhere beachy and sunny or someplace with beautiful architecture and culture.

We have curated a list of the Nine best most popular summer destinations in Europe. We will guide you on what to do there and what are the major attractions of the city. Europe is full of wonders and is a chamber of discoveries. Each city on this list is amazing and has a lot to offer. You can travel solo or with family and friends.

#1. Barcelona, Spain:

Why Barcelona? They have beaches, they have culture and great food. There is a lot to do in Barcelona, it is one of the most popular destinations in Europe because of majestic beaches. Not only that Barcelona has a lovely nightlife and rooftop you can enjoy the cool breeze hits your face.

The food is as great as it gets plus, if you are going with kids Barcelona has a lot of fun activities and amusement parks to offer.

#2. Interlaken, Switzerland:

Area sports junkie and an adventure lover. This is the perfect summer city for you. You can skydive and enjoy the green hues of Switzerland. It is also the perfect summer honeymoon spot. It is simply gorgeous. From jumping out of the plane to kayaking the possibilities are endless.

If you love nature as much as you do Interlaken will be a soul-satisfying destination for you. As you reconnect with nature you will forget all your worries while you are there. The best place to unwind and relax.

#3. Rhodes, Greece:

We really can’t get over beautiful beaches in summer therefore, Rhodes is definitely on our list. This is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. You can go Scooba diving, cliff jumping and enjoy delicious seafood.

Culture and history of this place are fascinating so when you go to Rhodes you will have multiple activities to choose from. You can visit cultural centers, museums, parks, and beaches. Night light here is just amazing. People love the cuisine here if you are into foodie tours then Rhodes should be your go-to destination.

#4. Prague, Czech Republic:

Are you a student and on a budget but still want to go somewhere nice this summer? Prague is the city for you. You can have the time of your life without having to sell your kidney. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world according to many travel magazines and journals.

The culture, the architecture and the history extraordinary. You can talk a long stroll on Charles Bridge, visit the magnificent Prague Castle or you can marvel at the beautiful cathedrals that stand in this city.  Prague is famous for its beer; you can have one or two while you are on a cruise to the Vltava.

#5. Lisbon, Portugal:

Lisbon, Portugal is another great city if you are traveling on a budget. Marvel at the tower of Torre de Belem it is a tower near the river. It is just the most beautiful thing on earth. It is one you don’t want to miss in Lisbon. Straight out of a Disney movie. Go ride a tram in the city or roam in beautiful alleyways.

You can visit museums, St George’s castle, and underwater oceanarium. The architecture in this city is amazing and you will never be short of places to visit.

#6. Porto, Portugal:

Portugal is amazing in every aspect. Porto is still a relatively undiscovered city with so much to offer. If there is one way to describe Porto it is colorful. The buildings are colorful the people have colorful smiles and welcoming arms. Walk through the tiny streets and or visit the majestic palaces like the Bolsa palace.

Go to various beaches in the city. Enjoy a fourteen-century gothic church of Sap Francisco, 17th-century Clearigo’s church and don’t forget to visit the beautiful lighthouse Foz do the Douro. This is the place of your dreams.

#7. Budapest, Hungry:

Budapest is also among the top favorite cities in the world. Admired by many due to a variety of things it has to offer to the tourist. The culture is unique and the architecture is the best in the world. Buda Castle, parliament building and Gellert baths should be on top of your when visiting here. Apart from that, you can enjoy the Hungarian cuisines with a variety of options to choose from.

#8. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

If you still can’t get enough beaches. Go to Dubrovnik. Croatia doesn’t disappoint its tourist. You can fish, tan, swim and relax on the beach. Croatia is paradise on, particularly in summer. Windsurfing and sailing are also popular sports here.

The whole city of Dubrovnik is a UNESCO world heritage site so it is worth visiting especially in summer. Not only you also visit the Rector’s palace it a gothic museum that displays things from the Renaissance era. You can also enjoy the extended Game of Thrones tour if you are a fan of series.

#9. Malaga, Spain

It is almost impossible not to mention somewhere in Spain when talking about summer European destination. You can surf on the beaches, hike on the mountains or visit the Roman theatre it is in ruins but that still doesn’t hinder its beauty.

You should definitely visit the Castillo de Gibralfaro, it an astonishing fortress it is about 2,500 years old. It is just magnificent

All in all, Europe is the best continent to spend your summer especially if you haven’t visited Europe yet. All the cities mentioned above are great to visit with your whole family and even for bachelors.

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