Top 5 OBD2 Apps for Cars in 2018

Modern cars are highly computerized: they literally run on computers. They can generate lots of data about themselves. However, manufacturers have not done much to ensure drivers get access to this information.

After all, drivers have survived decades of driving without it. But knowing more about your car can make maintenance easier and more efficient. The information can also help you detect car trouble more easily and control its performance.

All you need is an on-board diagnostic scanner (OBD).

However, this diagnostics tool should be paired with a good smartphone OBD2 app to deliver its best performance. With that in mind, here are the best OBD2 apps for cars (Android and iOS) in 2018.

OBD2 Apps for Cars (Android)

#1. Torque Pro

The popularity of Torque Pro is well deserved. This Android app offers a huge selection of features and supports numerous scanners. The widgets and plug-ins it supports also improve its functionality considerably.

With this app, you can see live information about your car. This information includes codes about engine faults, sensor information, and other important metrics. The app relies on Bluetooth connections to get information from the OBD2 scanner.

The app also offers GPS tracking. Otherwise, it can tell you how hot your car is, its CO2 emissions, its speed, and so forth. The app can also work with a broad range of OBD2 Bluetooth adapters, typically present in cars produced after 2000.

You can also share screenshots of the information it gets from the OBD2 scanner on Facebook and Twitter from the app. Support for tablets is also offered. The presence of a huge code database is also a huge plus.

[appbox googleplay org.prowl.torque&hl=en]

2. HobDrive

Torque Pro has a towering reputation, and a well deserved one at that. But HobDrive gets less credit than it deserves. The app is quite intelligent, and should make car diagnostics more efficient than ever.

The app relies on an ELM327 adapter and GPS sensors to determine how your car is faring. This app can keep you updated on the status of your car through continuous tracking of errors. It can also graph data for easier interpretation.

The app generally measures a car’s performance, and keep tracks of other important records about your car. For instance, it can track fuel consumption on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis and track fueling and service records. The app can also be used with route planning.

[appbox googleplay hobdrive.android&hl=en]

3. OBD Car Doctor Pro

This is one of the most essential apps car owners in need of a reliable Android OBD2 app can have. It can report live information about speed, temperature, pressure, and other data about your car. The app can read and clear error codes that turn on the check engine light.

Car Doctor Pro can graph the live data it gets about the car. Additionally, it can display various car parameters, and also record parameters in the background for future viewing and send. Tracking fuel consumption is also possible with this great Android OBD2 app for cars.

[appbox googleplay com.pnn.obdcardoctor_full&hl=en]

OBD2 Apps for Cars  (iOS)

1. OBD Auto Doctor

In the world of OBD2 apps in the iOS universe, there is no match for OBD2 Auto Doctor. You can see error codes and clear them easily with this app. The app also makes the interaction with your OBD2 unit especially smooth.

The app can help you turn off the check engine light with ease. Furthermore, the app also makes it easier to know the status of your car. You can also monitor fuel consumption.

Auto Doctor can also prepare you for an emissions test, and you can send diagnostics data through email if necessary. The app’s database also boasts of more than 14000 alarm codes.

[appbox appstore id908897183?mt=8]

2. EOBD Facile

EOBD Facile makes it possible for drivers to know why the check engine light is on. The app can offer information about the reason for such notifications. Additionally, it can be used to clear the errors so that the check engine light goes off.

In addition to generic error codes, the app can also help clear manufacturer-specific error codes. Users can even record their trips and save them for future retrieval. The app is also compatible with many cars, just like any other premium OBD2 app for cars.

[appbox appstore id713921569?mt=8]


As far as OBD2 apps for Android and iOS go, these five represent the best of the best. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices, unless the app does not support your car model.

But if you want the Android OBD2 app that has impressed most users, then Torque Pro is your best option. It offers support for an extensive number of OBD2 scanners, and its breadth of features is nothing short of impressive.

For iOS users, the leading app is OBD Auto Doctor. This app offers a powerful blend of features that will make monitoring your car’s parameters so easy. With this app, identifying errors, and clearing check engine light issues will also be a bliss.

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