OKI C813n A3 Colour Laser Printer Review

A busy office, where no two days are the same, requires a printing device that can keep up with the demand and versatility of the workplace.
However, with limited time to spend researching office printers, it can be easy to settle for a machine that is subpar to what you need. To ensure you select a device that will change your office environment for the better, reading printer reviews is essential. Below, you’ll discover a machine that boasts both high speed and a variety of size capabilities.

Read on to find out why this machine should be your next purchase.


Switching between print sizes is not an issue with the C813n OKI printer. In fact, it welcomes the challenge. The OKI printer model C813n caters for sizes A6 to A3 as well as lengths up to 1321mm – perfect for an office where versatility is needed. Being able to easily swap between different paper sizes will allow you to print anything from flyers to posters, so regardless of what your office needs, it’s easily achievable.

High-speed printing

One of the greatest benefits of the C813n is that it takes a mere 14 seconds to put out your first print, meaning you can get back to work immediately.

An additional benefit is that you can achieve the same high-speed printing in both colour and mono prints, so your office productivity will be easily increased while the time spent waiting around will be reduced.As well as this, the device will only take 25 seconds to warm up when powered on, meaning that your team can begin functioning efficiently as soon as they enter the office.The machine can reach up to 23ppm colour print speed, which will easily allow you to print longer documents in a short amount of time.


If you are looking for a laser printer that boosts your efficiency ratings, while reducing your carbon footprint, this is certainly the device for you. The C813n’s inbuilt power-save mode will ensure that those ever-mounting bills are given the elbow. So, not only do you save money, but you’ll be working towards a greener office that you can be proud of.

Up-to-date technology

Moving parts in a printer used to be unavoidable – this is now a thing of the past. OKI printers feature OKI’s award-winning LED technology which outperforms traditional standard laser print technology. This means there is no need for moveable parts within the LED mechanism and so, less chance of a fault developing and needing to be replaced.

This makes them much more reliable than traditional laser printers and in turn, lengthens their life span.

As you can see, the OKI C813n has an incredible amount of benefits and will improve your office in a variety of different ways, so it’s definitely worth considering an OKI printer when the time comes for a change of device!

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