Oral Health and Heart Disease are Connected

It is quite common to hear that your tooth health is linked to your overall health. If you do not have good dental health then there must be some problem with your body. More than 80 percent of Americans have some type of gum disease and most of these cases are not diagnosed. The reason being, every individual feels his or her teeth are fine and they avoid going to the dentist. They don’t even visit a physician for checking their overall health.

As per recent studies and researchers, there is evidence that oral health and heart health are well connected. So, if you have gum diseases in a mild or advanced stage then the risk for a heart disease is greater. Moreover, your oral health will provide the doctors with the warning signs of oral diseases which can cause chronic heart conditions. So, meet your dentist at regular intervals.

 Why the oral health is related to the heart?

Oral health and heart diseases are connected because the bacteria and germs spread from the mouth to other body parts as these germs and bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect the heart conditions adversely. These bacteria which prevail in the mouth can cling to any damaged area of the heart causing inflammation and the result will be endocarditis which is the infection of the inner lining of the heart. Oral bacteria can cause other heart diseases like stroke and atherosclerosis. It is due to inflammation caused by the bacteria. The bacteria enter the bloodstreams and elevate the levels of C-reactoive proteins in the body.

 So who is at risk and what is the solution?

Patients who suffer from chronic gum conditions like periodontal disease and gingivitis have poor oral health and are at a higher risk of heart diseases. If these are unmanaged or not diagnosed then the heart conditions can become more severe. Therefore, it is important to go for routine dental checkups. You should find an acclaimed dentist or dental clinic near your area like Meadowdale Dental Clinic who can help you manage the gum diseases in an effective way. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream and attach to the blood vessels of the heart. You may wonder that your teeth look perfect then how you can get such oral infections. Well, the gum inflammation may not be noticeable in most of the cases. So, checking with your dentist at regular intervals is the key to maintain proper oral health.

A good dentist will warn you about the symptoms and signs so you can manage the disease effectively. Even if the gum disease is at an early stage you must take the required treatment to manage the oral health perfectly.

Visit your nearest dentist if you feel your gums bleed while eating, brushing or flossing. If you see your gums are red and swollen and there is some type of infection around the gums and teeth, then do not delay your dental visit. Bad breath is another sign to get your teeth checked by a dentist. Even if you do not see these symptoms, do take your dental health seriously and visit the dentist for routine checkups. This will keep your oral health and heart health in a perfect condition.

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