Get Out Of The Grind – Revamp Your Career Now

A job is a job. Whether it be a dead end one or a new opportunity. It pays for your bills and allows you to save something for a rainy day. But does that mean you should stick up to a job centering around stagnancy?

Decisions, Decisions!

Impulsive decisions seldom result in desired outcomes. The same is true when deciding to quit a particularly uninteresting job. If it is your only means of livelihood, then it is nonsensical to get rid of it. But when you have options, you wield a strange power of choice.

Either way, you possess something which will allow you to break free. So how do you actually do it? Most people, or ‘sheeple’ as they are called now, jump on to different bandwagons in hopes of striking it big. You never know what you are going to get. But the house always wins. In your case, bad luck always wins, and you end up being worse off.

Why? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. That’s why. Perhaps you may land a job which is interesting on the ‘face’, but it is riddled with excessive chain of command. So you might get a lesser salary being from a different field on top of getting burdened with hostile upper echelons. There are many other variables which may or may not work in your favour.

But why depend on chance when you can wrestle the control back from lady luck? Here’s how you do it:


Exactly what you hate to do. This is life, buddy. The struggle for survival. If you expect to do nothing and have everything handed to you on the silver platter, you are in for a rude shock. Planning is how you can get out of that boredom of a chore you call a job.

The first stage in planning, is finding out what you actually want to do in life, or like doing in life. You live in a world which cherishes a diverse range of career choices. This means that whatever it is that you like doing in life, can be turned into a fruitful employment opportunity.

So, think what makes you happy. Is it photography? Is it computers? Is it agriculture, automobiles, military, education, literature? It can be anything. Doing what you love is much better than loving what you do. It does not ‘feel’ like work then.

The next step in your plan is to find out how you can monetize what you like doing. As usual, you can ask your friend Google by searching for generic terms like jobs. But you can customise the search by inputting your preferred occupation name before the term ‘jobs’. That’s your starting point.


So you’ve found the perfect fit for your work-life. What next? You need to make sure that you are trained for the kind of work you would be doing. For example, ‘I like computers’ won’t get you anywhere. Which area specifically? Programming? Creative arts? Administration? Or one of the plethora of information technology related fields?

No matter which path you choose, train yourself in the skills needed to be able to monetize it properly. Stay ahead of the competition by upgrading your skills. If it is some traditional occupation, learn to harness the power of technology and make it more efficient. Attend some courses in your spare time or take distance learning lessons and prepare yourself for the job which you plan to apply for.


After you are confident that you can handle the responsibility of the new dream job, you need to put this information out there. Put bluntly, this is the first step in selling yourself. If you do not publicise yourself, no one is going to notice you.

So, you can start asking around known contacts outside your office for opportunities. Normally, this would be a LinkedIn exercise, but that puts you at risk of losing your current job, for obvious reasons. If you decide on going forward anyway, you’d need to optimise your LinkedIn profile. And then work from there.

Don’t forget to update your resume with the new-found skills and desire for new opportunities. Do the same with cover letters – be unique. This is for something you love doing.

Final steps

If you are sure about your skills and your capabilities of the work you have chosen, hopefully, you will land a proper interview. You can breeze through the interview because you know the ins and outs of the kind of work you love.

After that, it is smooth sailing. Give your notice period and say bye-bye to stagnancy. Embrace your new life and enjoy it to the fullest. You deserve it!

Umar Bajwa
Umar Bajwahttp://www.theroom.com.au
Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator loves to write about Business, Technology, Life Style & Digital Marketing


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