Presentation Designers: A Must-Have For A Jaw-Dropping Presentation

Creating an excellent presentation is tougher than you think. Even designers with years of experience often face complicated tasks, which require days of research and collaboration. Whether you are planning to draft a presentation on your own or thinking about hiring a professional, the below tips can be helpful.

Delegating the task to the experts is always a good idea. But even If you have a low budget, you can achieve good results on your own. Just make sure you are ready to spend considerable time and effort on the project.


The fewer words you use in the presentation, the better. Your slides should be filled with images, videos, and highly concise information. The rest you can communicate personally. People understand the text better when a person talks rather than when they are reading it on the screen.

Bullet points, headers, statistics. Stick to these three tools. The rest should be colorful (but not too colorful in order not to confuse the audience) and filled with impressive visual data.

Sharing Ability

Make sure your presentation is a separate entity, which can be shared with others virtually. Meaning, it should contain enough information to get the point though if you mail the file instead of presenting it to the live audience.

Today, presentations located on the cloud have saved companies millions of dollars on travel. When choosing a platform and software for your presentation, settle for those, which allow virtual sharing. Add sufficient information to the slides to make sure the key points are made without your live assistance.


Whether you are talking about the best socks design or developing a cancer vaccine, your presentation should appear original. That’s why you must forget about using templates. According to experts from PresentationGeeks, the majority of DIY presentation designers settle for the first available template.

The free templates usually have limited customization capabilities. It’s likely your viewers have seen the template numerous times. If your goal is to catch and hold the audience’s attention instead of watching yawning faces, be original.


Pay special attention to the appearance of the text. Using your favorite black Times New Roman font is terribly outdated. Today, numerous guidelines exist to help make your text easy to read for the audience. The size, the shape, the colors, everything matters.

Even the most exciting information won’t be understood if the text is not formatted properly. Make your presentation easy to read for people, who aren’t great at deciphering things.


When designing the presentation, remember that slides are only one part of the process. Unless you are making the presentation for virtual sharing only, you should use it as a secondary weapon. Don’t stick all the information inside the visuals.

Good speaking skills are an integral component of a great presentation. Allow the speakers to do their job. In order to achieve that, make some slides text-free or stick to a minimal amount of information.

High-Quality Photos

Since visuals are a major part of your presentation, opt for high-quality photos and images. Anything that looks less than perfect is bound to divert the audience’s attention from the information you are trying to convey.

Even if you don’t find anything suitable online for free, invest in good photos. This approach has a high ROI. Once the images are added, align them to look as appealing as possible.

Designing a presentation without professional assistance is possible if you have plenty of time, a desire to learn, and a craving for perfection.

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