Printing Pride – How To Update A Lacklustre Printing Setup

Printing is a fundamental task in just about every office and small business environment. While little thought is often given to streamlining this activity as it is such a part of daily routines, making improvements to your printing setup can dramatically improve your day-to-day office processes. Having an organised printing system and keeping track of everything from printer cartridges to your paper supply can make your team more efficient and productive.

When it comes to creating an efficient printing system, it’s important you look for straightforward and actionable advice on how to update your printing setup. Improving your printing setup will allow you to employ a system that will not only stand the test of time but also provide better quality prints and save money in the process. And, with today’s modern printers, you can make your printing more sustainable and lower your impact on the environment as yet another added benefit.

Continue reading to learn how you can update your printing setup and enjoy the benefits of modern printing technology.

Buy Reliable And Efficient Equipment

The most natural way to update your printing setup is to purchase a new printer. However, with the market for office printing equipment being as saturated with products as it is, it can be difficult to sort through the options. Certainly, you want reliable and efficient equipment that also provides a reasonable value for the money spent.

Knowing what to look for in a printer can help a great deal. Do a little research before taking a look at the options to reduce the time spent searching for your new printer. Some things to keep an eye on are the overall cost of the machine and the additional functionality of the machine, for example, you will likely also want to have scanning and copying capabilities in your office. Buying a multifunctional machine can save money and can improve efficiency.

It is also essential to know the needs and requirements of your particular office. Do you absolutely need a colour printer (which is often more expensive) or will black and white suffice? Does the speed of printing matter to your day-to-day operations? Having answers to these questions will guide your decision in updating your printing setup in a way that will benefit you the most.

Make It Sustainable

It can be beneficial both for your brand and for the environment to make your printing process more sustainable and eco-friendly. Any update of your printing setup should be done with this in mind.

There are many ways you can reduce your office carbon footprint when it comes to printing. You can even start small with some simple reminders placed around the office regarding minimising wasteful printing. Ensure that your staff proofreads their work before sending it to the printer to avoid the needless reprinting of many pages. Using some form of recycled paper and printing on both sides of the page is also effective. Be sure to choose “draft mode” for printing documents that are not for publication or for formal reports as this option will use less ink. In the long-run, these small things can make a big difference.

Some larger ways to cut carbon and costs include buying an energy smart printer which has been certified by a regulatory body. This can reduce your electricity bill by using power more efficiently in the printing process.

Paper In A Paperless World

While the modern electronic age is moving away from paper at an increasing rate, the usefulness of printing is still very apparent in most office environments today. With the right approach, you can improve the printing processes and set up in your office, making this task more economical in terms of your finances, the environment and time-wise for your staff. Try to avoid making big investments before you have planned out what you want your new printing system to look like and how it will function to ensure you have the optimal printing setup for your office needs.

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