A Quick Guide To Understand the Industry Applications of Nimonic 90

The Nimonic 90 metal is a special highly durable metal that provides immense strength and durability to make it suitable for various types of applications. It can be used for many different applications, and it also provides as many different benefits for your unique applications. This is a high strength metal that can operate at temperatures of as much as 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and it comprises of Nickel-Chromium-Cobalt alloy to provide optimal strength for your unique applications.


 Oil and Gas Extraction and processing

Here the metal is used to in deep-sea oil exploration purposes, whereby metal contacts are required to have special characteristics to provide the best results.

  • Nuclear applications

The Nimonic alloy is also durable enough to be used in nuclear applications, especially whereby lots of heat and radiation levels are experienced. The nimonic metals, therefore, qualifies as an excellent component of the various machinery that are used in nuclear activities.

  • Aerospace applications

Furthermore, another important application of Nimonic metals Is aerospace materials such as spacecraft and even satellites. This metal is well known for its capability to resist elements and the immense surface tension that occurs when objects are moving into the atmosphere.

  • Power generation

Most power generation mechanical tools require durable materials that can withstand the immense weight and power that often travels through these systems. In this case, the nimonic metal qualifies as a particularly exceptional metal for purposes of power production.

  • Automotive industries

Best of all, this type of metal can also be used in the automotive industry in the moving components and sections of the automobile such as the engine that experience the most activity.  In most cases, the nimonic metal can be integrated into the moving section of the engine to achieve results.

Structural properties

  • High strength alloy

One of the main benefits of working with the Elgiloy Nimonic metal is that it is a high strength alloy capable of withstanding almost any type of application. The methods and techniques used in the production not only guarantees high strength but long term results for your unique applications as well.

  • Exceptional temperature and oxidation resistance

Another important property of this ally is that it can also withstand high temperatures to make it a suitable solution for various applications. More so, the immense oxidation resistance means that this metal won’t suffer from the effects of rust, especially in salty waters.


In considering all the important factors, Elgiloy Nimonic is a top quality solution for various metal contact applications. Regardless of whether it is in the automotive industry, medical or oil extraction, and processing industry, this metal will suit your unique applications. Ney contact manufacturers can help you realize this goal and even more.

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