Real estate agent Max Polyakov and the real estate agency Noosphere: The long way to dream

Young and successful Max Polyakov has interesting and prosperous life. His real estate company Noosphere brings fantastic income but it was not the same earlier.

To begin with, Max was born in a poor family. He definitely loved houses but could only dream about a great place to live in. A little boy learned to survive since young age as well as his sister and brother. They wished to have enough money which they wouldn’t be able to count.

Don’t think his parents didn’t love own children and didn’t want to give them the best things. Actually cleaning alleys on the streets just couldn’t bring them necessary amount of cash. That’s why one day Polyakov family decided to immigrate to the USA from the Soviet Union in order to find a better life. They just wanted to make their American dream come true.

American dream: how everything started

Most people wished to set for the USA. They thought it wouldn’t be a challenge to get a great job, lots of money, amazing opportunities and a better life in general. Polyakov’s father and mother were not an exception too. They just took all stuff and left for New Jersey. It was just a very beginning.

But the reality differed from the dream. Unfortunately, a couple didn’t have legal documents so couldn’t get good job as well as a high salary. Mr. Polyakov had to work hard in order to provide the whole family with food. It was difficult. However at age of 13 children started to work as well. Max Polyakov became a pizza delivery boy.

Hard work guarantees excellent future

From the early childhood, Max knew the feeling of being in need. That’s why he studied well to gain the scholarship. The young man was good at sport so after a great game he was offered an opportunity to get education at New York University. Just imagine how proud his parents were.

New city: amazing opportunities and new life

New York turned to be exact what Max Polyakov hoped to see. Here everyone wanted to become successful. This fact, as well as endless opportunities, pushed him to achieve more. The love to enormous buildings in the city made young man to think about Max Polyakov’s Noosphere.

Max Polyakov began to write a blog. There he reviewed some real estate options right online. He even visited a few real estate agents to have interesting discussions on housing options. All this prepared him for a great start.

Noosphere agency: big ships need deep waters

Max Polyakov risked and rented a small office after working as real estate agent for three years. It was a high time to advertise Noosphere via own blog. In fact it was not blogged anymore but actually one-man real estate company. He finally made the dream come true. But it was just a beginning. He became a millionaire when was only 26. American dream got a right for realization.

Never stop dreaming: new achievements

After becoming rich, Max Polyakov returned home where his family waited for him. But it was not the end. Young man wanted to have own family. Soon he met a pretty girl and married her. Soon they got children. It was another push to achieve something new. Later the businessman focused on a legacy for own children.

Max Polyakov began to teach own sons to earn money at early age. He used a well-known blog to explain some rules of making cash. Finally he started to work at home in order to show his children some important techniques.

In the long run, both Polyakov’s brother and sister started to make enough money to have everything they were dreaming about when were small children. The idea is about not just dreaming but acting as well.

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