Real Estate Marketing Tips You Never Tried

There are nearly 400,000 real estate agents in the U.S., which means, odds are, you’re facing a lot of stiff competition whether you’re a realtor in Miami or any other city. If you’re struggling to get ahead, try taking advantage of these real estate marketing tips you probably haven’t thought about yet.

Hire a Photographer

Photos are more important than ever when it comes to selling real estate, so you don’t want to skimp by playing photographer yourself when you really don’t know what you’re doing. When potential home buyers are sifting through thousands of listings, they’re going to be judging properties by the photo first, which means it’s important to capture something that will catch the eyes of viewers as they’re scrolling by. Hiring a photographer can pay for itself, as they’ll be able to convey a quality space through professional standards, and they’ll be well-versed in editing too.

Use GIFs in your Emails

While GIFs shouldn’t be used in every email you send out, they can be a great way to capture attention while conveying emotions without using words. Used sparingly, animated GIFs often surprise and delight subscribers, although if they’re used too frequently, subscribers can tire of them and become less likely to engage with your campaigns. The great thing about animated GIFs is that they can easily be inserted into your emails, functioning like all other types of image, and while they may take a bit of extra effort in the beginning once ready they’re simply loaded like a jpeg.

Creating and Sharing Content

By now you probably know that content creation is an essential part of real estate marketing. The sooner you start investing in your content and social media presence, the greater the chances that you’ll succeed. Blog posts are the opportunity to provide educational informative content to potential buyers, gaining attention of readers as a form of inbound marketing. You can write about everything from community events and activities to home improvement tips and trends in the industry, just be sure to provide quality content consistently. The purpose is to help them, not sell to them, and your social feeds should be filled with the same.

You can also find other content to share by using tools like Flipboard, a news and blog aggregator that’s topic based. Simply plug in a search term and it will display a current visual collection of articles.

Instagram and Twitter

Instagram offers a great opportunity to post videos and photos of properties as well as to capture lifestyle images that tell story about what you do and how you can help. All agents should have an account on Twitter as well in addition to taking advantage of the search tool to locate relevant, trending hashtags that can be used in the posts. It’s also a good way to find other posts to like, comment on or interact with other real estate companies, agents and prospective buyers.

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