The Only Reason You Should Buy Electronic Cigarettes

There is the considerable debate going on about electronic cigarettes. Companies that stand to gain money are lobbying for regulations, while those already profiting don’t want anything to change. But what about the consumer? Is anyone looking after their interest?

What Are Electronic Cigarettes Made Of?

Electronic smokes deliver nicotine in a vapor form. Many believe because they don’t contain thousands of carcinogens like tobacco cigarettes that they are safer. However, a number of nicotine smokers get upon inhaling may vary considerably. This can increase the addictive quality. In addition, the FDA has discovered stray ingredients when testing the electronic cigarettes. Such fluctuations in quality and strength are indeed alarming. Be vigilant with label reading!

Who Makes Them?

Another major cause for concern with the electronic cigarette is that they are made in countries where oversight simply isn’t possible. While these nations may be great tourist destinations and political allies, their manufacturing standards are simply questionable at best. Do you really want to be inhaling a toxic substance (which nicotine is) from a device made in third-world factories? Isn’t that just a little too risky?

Are They Getting Nonsmokers Hooked?

Because electronic smokes are marketed in a way that leads people to believe they’re less harmful than tobacco products, some assume they are totally safe. Just because they are the lesser of two evils does not mean they are good for you. Not to mention how esmoking has become somewhat of a fad. All of this presents temptations to people who have never smoked, particularly younger ones. Yes, electronic cigarettes are enticing nonsmokers to take up the habit. This is alarming!

Can You Use Them To Quit?

Buying ecigs from Simply e-Liquid with the sole intent of using them as a cessation device is something nobody should be complaining about or trying to regulate. While there hasn’t been sufficient testing to prove they are in fact cessation tools, the numbers speak for themselves. Many people have made the transition from cancer-causing tobacco products to the electronic cigarette and on to nothing. This is really the only reason anyone should be buying them. They are very similar to the fingers and lips to actual cigarettes. They are far more satisfying to the smoker than a patch on the arm. If they can help people quit, they can be revolutionary. Buy them to cut down on tobacco smoking, then use them to finally kick the habit.

While the battle over regulation, taxation, and labeling rages on, the consumer is left in limbo. No single agency seems to be capable of clearly defining the role and potential dangers of electronic cigarettes yet. So if you’re going to use them, do so in a good way. Become less dependent on “real” cigarettes, and put yourself in the position to quit. Then tell others about your experience, because it may be a while before officials figure this thing out.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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