Reasons to Hire Investment Advisors Rochester NY

Investment advisors manage money on your behalf. They choose, buy, sell, and monitor financial assets within your account in line with your investment goals. Some of them have a holistic approach to managing your investments, which takes into consideration every aspect of your financial health. While others specialize in certain types of assets.

No matter what type you’re looking for, an investment advisor is a key partner in achieving your investment goals. Here are some of the top reasons for you to hire investment advisors in Rochester NY:

#1. You Want To Save Time

If you have other responsibilities that take up most of your time, it can be tough to allocate the time necessary to properly research and manage your investments. An investment adviser won’t just provide ongoing investment advice to ensure that you’re making informed decisions about your portfolio, they can also help with the management of your accounts.

If you have the time and the enthusiasm to do your research and analysis, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t manage your investments by yourself. After all, even a 0.5 percent fee that you’ll pay to an advisor can make a huge difference over a lifetime of investing.

However, if time and patience are not things that you can spare, the next best thing would be to hire an advisor who’ll always have your best interests in mind.

#2. You Have Complicated Finances

If you’re just looking for reliable investment advice for your brokerage or retirement account, you can probably find comprehensive information about your options online. However, if you are dealing with complicated financial issues, having an investment advisor on your side can prove to be beneficial.

Below are some examples of situations where hiring an investment advisor is highly recommended:

  • You want to know the right retirement distribution strategies to maximize your money.
  • You have inherited stock.
  • You’re looking into index fund investing or margin trading.
  • You’re expecting your situation to get complicated because of the impending birth of a child, illness, or divorce.
  • You have a lot of money and, thus, have more investment options to consider.

An advisor can help you make sense of your situation, offer practical advice, and manage your accounts to maximize your financial potential.

#3. You Want To Get The Best Possible Results

It’s difficult to wade through the endless sea of information that’s available online. Even when you consult reliable investment sources and sites, most of the time, you’ll find complex and conflicting information that most beginners will have a tough time untangling.

Information overload can make you more susceptible to making unwise, and expensive, financial choices. Instead of stressing yourself out trying to figure out which advice to follow or disregard, hire an experienced and capable investment advisor to help you out.

Additionally, remember that if an advisor tells you that they know the secret to beat the market, they’re definitely lying to make their sales pitch more convincing. According to the efficient market hypothesis, beating the market is impossible as share prices will integrate and reflect all relevant information to ensure market efficiency.

No matter how good an investment advisor is, they won’t be able to consistently outperform the stock market averages. While a good advisor will most likely get you better returns compared to doing everything on your own, don’t expect your money to triple overnight.

#4. You Want Expert Advice and Assistance

You can find professional investment advisors from this site who’ll use their knowledge, network, experience, expertise, and personal investment philosophy to your advantage.

They can provide you with expert advice on the following issues when structuring your portfolio:

  • What are your investment options
  • Whether you should buy mutual funds or stocks
  • Whether you should choose actively managed funds or index funds
  • Which investments to put in and out of retirement accounts
  • What risks each investment type involves
  • What rate of return to expect from your portfolio
  • How you can reduce taxable income from buying and selling investments

#5. You don’t want to be influenced by your personal biases

Managing your investments by yourself means that your decisions will sometimes be influenced by your personal biases. For instance, you may choose a specific asset class over another that’s more profitable in the long run because you’ve been raised to believe that the former is more stable.

An investment advisor will prevent you from making decisions that are not rational and well-informed. They’ll keep you from making mistakes that can cost you a lot of money later on.


Investment advisors offer strategic and long-term management for your holdings and assets. They’ll offer recommendations that take into account your investment goals, specified time period, and tolerance for investment risk.

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