Redecorating Revisions – 7 Important Decor Elements to Consider

One great perk of owning your own space is having the freedom to decorate! Yes, whatever designs you have in mind, owning or renting a place gives you the chance to let your home tell the world who you are through design. Whether reaching for that bohemian vibe or a more classical design, there are plenty of resources out there to help you design your perfect home.

However, if you don’t take time to prepare for your redecorating, you could end up creating a mess and being unhappy with the outcome. Whether the colours in the space clash or the fabrics and textures are a distraction, there is a lot of havoc that can come out of a home design project minus guidance. But never fear, you can actually do a pretty good DIY project by remembering to pay attention to a few key elements.

Let’s take a closer look at a few key design tips you should pay attention to when redecorating your space.

#1. Window Covering

Pay attention to the window coverings. You can decorate with curtains or window shutters, each offering its own benefits. Block-out curtains can not only beautify the space, but also serve as insulation for those living in areas that experience extreme temperatures in Australia. Shutters can also give your rooms an interesting look, as well. Whether they are light or dark shutters, you can find these a low-maintenance alternative to curtains.

#2. Furnishings

Your furnishings can go in a number of directions. Country-styled, Mediterranean, classical, or bohemian furnishings can all be dressed up with accessories and curtains in the rooms. A good rule of thumb to use when choosing furniture is to either choose solid curtains with furniture that is patterned or choose patterned curtains with solid furniture. If you try to pair solid curtains with similar furnishings, the place might appear bland, and with patterned curtains paired with patterned furniture, you might find the space a little too busy.

#3. Wall Colour

Wall colouring is always up for debate, you just need to design to your taste. However, keep in mind that rooms that are small are made smaller by adding dark colours. You might want to choose light colours to open up the space. Also, if the room is dark or is in a place with a lot of shading because of trees, using dark colours will make the room appear smaller. Alternatively, well-lit rooms can be toned down by utilising darker colours.

#4. Wall Art

Those wanting to freshen up their walls can search for some great finds from open markets and art shows. Alternatively, if you want to trade traditional wall hangings for something different consider tapestries that can bring artiness to your living space. Then, again, photographs of the nature of scenic places can also give your living space a different look.

#5. Mirrors

Use mirrors in the hallway and in foyers to brighten up these often overlooked spaces. A long mirror that hangs above a table that is decorated with plants and other knick-knacks can give the space a little character. Alternatively, you can place a long bench under the mirror, which gives the area the same dimension.

#6. Flooring

Those looking to really redesign the space can take advantage of flooring outside of your standard carpet. Tiled floors are a great addition, especially in typically warmer locations which can keep the place cool. Timber floors are another alternative to standard carpeting, but the only caveat with wood flooring is they require a lot of care and maintenance.

#7. Function

When decorating your space, keep in mind the function of each room. If the room is going to be a place where children play, then the furnishings should reflect it. If the room is a high-traffic area, such as a den or a hallway, you will want furnishings that can withstand the traffic.

Go Crazy With Your Décor!

If you are a first-time decorator, you are definitely going to make mistakes. However, part of the fun of decorating is making these mistakes is learning from them. Often, these mistakes inspire our personal style and lead to a more individual finish to the decor. Don’t be afraid to take chances, let your creativity flow and you’ll have a space that you can truly be proud of.

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