Reduce Awkward Moments While Vacationing Overseas

Virtually all travellers have experienced that awkward faux-pas situation resulting from unintentionally disrespecting the cultures of others. Such cases can not only mar the whole travel experience but can also lead to the failure of securing multinational business contracts due to lack of knowledge about local customs.

Fortunately, such situations can be avoided by being aware of the taboos of each community and culture. This is the primary aim of the innovative online platform, Dondoo, allowing people to share local taboos and faux-pas experiences from around the world, ultimately helping to promote local traditions and respect of cultures.

Research and understand key differences in social etiquette, relationships, food, dress codes, and local cultures before booking a flight for that all-important trip. Want to learn more about the appropriate customs and traditions in a particular destination? Perhaps, you want to know more about their eating habit? Are there specific codes of behaviour in public spaces? What gestures and actions are taboos? What are the best ways to show appreciation? Dondoo has done the homework for you. Your hosts will be glad that you took the time to learn and understand their local culture.

Optimized for all devices, the platform features hand-picked content relevant to any destination. With a highly sensitive focus on locality, Dondoo acts as a source of information for locations on all levels – region, country, city, state, and airport. Users can use the platform as a search engine as well as a comprehensive, user-friendly map. Unlike many other travel platforms, Dondoo cuts through the clutter with straight-forward, easy-to-access information.

We want to equip all the travellers out there, embarking on their journeys to discover new places and destinations, to continue interacting with other people without fear of unintentionally performing cultural faux-pas,

further explains Marko Fojtlin, the founder of Dondoo.

The platform is unique in that it provides practical cultural information travellers may miss out on otherwise.  When travelling for business, it is essential to have a perfect understanding of the different cultures. What works in your country might be a taboo in other countries, and some people might pick an offence in it.

What could be wrong with using your left hand to eat in India or giving a Korean a patting on the back for their immense contribution to the successful completion of a task? While your country sees nothing wrong with such actions, it gives a false impression in others.

Regardless of your cultural background, you are more likely to do something wrong that might ruin your cherished relationship with your business partners from these cultures. Even if you don’t have to leave your home country, odds are you have colleagues, customers, suppliers, and business partners who hail from other cultures — more reasons why you need to equip yourself with cross-cultural business etiquette.

The website answers a wide range of questions you might have, including:

  • What values does this culture embrace?
  • How does your business partner perceive schedules and deadlines?
  • Which authority figures are held in high esteem?
  • Which gestures are taboos?
  • How do you greet and relate with staffs and locals?

Travellers have the chance to submit the location-specific tips they feel may be of benefit to others, thus allowing Dondoo to facilitate a community of culture-conscious travellers, seeking to keep local customs alive.

It is your one-stop website for anything travel. Enjoy amazing cultures and traditions to the fullest without holding yourself back. The site makes it easier to find new travel information from a local’s perspective that can help make your trip a remarkable one.

More information about Dondoo and how to enjoy the immense benefits of the platform can be found on the website.

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