Renovating vs Reconditioning: What To Do With Common Home Problems

Over time, homes will inevitably show signs of wear and tear. Some signs of deterioration, like structural damages, call for a renovation. However, some smaller, less noticeable home problems may only need reconditioning. Some people aren’t aware that the latter can be a viable option simply by using construction tape.

A renovation is more time-consuming and costly, while it does require a professional to conduct the job, it does increase your comfort and enjoyment over a long period of time. On the other hand, reconditioning using tape is favored by many as it is a relatively simple, cheap and quick solution to home issues that aren’t as noticeable.

If you are struggling to decide whether to renovate or recondition, www.vikingtapes.co.uk talks about some of the more common home problems and what you should do accordingly.

Drafty Windows

Solution: Seaming with tape

Reason: During the different seasons, the building you live in may expand or contract. Your house is likely to contract, especially in winter and gaps can form between the windows and the walls. These gaps can lead to drafts or leaks. However, this can easily be fixed using tape by seaming. Seaming refers to using tape to make a building airtight. When the right type of tape is used, it can act as a durable, efficient barrier in helping to lock out air, while keeping the heat locked in. Seaming provides an effective way of improving the insulation of a building.

Stiff Windows

Solution: Replace new windows

Reason: If you are having to use excessive force to open your windows, it suggests that you are having an issue with the window hinge. If you find it extremely difficult to open and close your windows it is not recommended to make a temporary fix but a replacement. Extra force on a window with a faulty mechanism will lead to breakage.

Water Leaks In Walls

Solution: Flashing with tape

Reason: You can identify water leaks by looking at your walls, the signs are water stains or bubbling paint. Further damages can be saved if you act on it quickly, this can be done by flashing with tape. Some construction tape has weather resistant properties and can be used to flash any potential water from further entering the property or the walls.

Burst Pipes

Solution: Replace new water pipes

Reason: During the winter season, it is quite common for water to freeze inside the pipes. This wouldn’t be a problem initially, however over time, this can cause damage to the walls and the integrity of the pipes. Frozen water also creates enormous additional pressure on a section of the pipes. Eventually, the pipes will burst and cause water damage all over your home. In this case, you will have to replace your water pipes. For future reference, you can add insulation around the pipes that run through cold areas or along exterior walls to prevent them from bursting.

Curling Vinyl Flooring

Solution: Bonding with tape

Reason: The humid conditions in our bathrooms and kitchens are usually the main reason for vinyl flooring to curl up. Replacing the whole flooring can be costly and ineffective, so instead, you can use double sided construction tape to ensure the material is firmly taped down to the floor instead. This technique is called bonding and drastically increases the longevity of your flooring.

Uneven Tiles

Solution: Replace new tiles

Reason: Tiles are less versatile in comparison to most flooring material, this makes it more susceptible to presenting flaws. While sometimes it is due to accidents like the tiles receiving a sharp blow, other times are due to manual error like the concrete underneath not curing long enough, causing the floor to further shrink after the tiles have been laid down. In this case, you have no choice but to replace your flooring with a new layer of cement and tiles.

These are just some of the common household problems that you may come across. You may have to determine which problems can be reconditioned and what needs renovating instead.

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