Repetition And It’s Importance To Learning English Language

Let us go back to the time when you started to learn a bicycle. Were you able to learn it in the very first attempt? No! In fact, you must have fallen down really badly the first time you step foot on a bicycle. But you never lost hope and with gradual repetitions, the art of riding a bicycle was enforced in the physiology of your brain.

Now the same goes when you start learning a language or improve your communication skills in a particular language. Repetition is the key to success.  As an example; imagine if you are listening to a song,  which is in English. You will only understand 70% of it the very first time you hear. But what about the remaining 30%? How do you get that? Yes! Correct! By listening to the song over and over again.

Repetition: Key To Effective Learning

Helen Doron Institutions, the current world leader in the industry of English as a Second Language (ESL), teaches the skills of English speaking to children as young as 3 years old by the method of repeated hearing and positive reinforcement. Helen Doron English Method holds the top spot if we talk about the best way to teach English. As of now nearly two million children, from all around the globe, have benefitted and learned English through the Helen Doron Method.

Yes! I understand. For most of you speaking fluent English is difficult. To overcome your difficulty your guides must have told you one sentence “Think in English to Speak English.” But this phrase holds true only along with the concept of repetition. You can’t think in English if you have a limited vocabulary. On the other hand, if you keep on listening or reading the same words or phrases repetitively;  they stick in your brain. Next time if any situation, related to those words or phrases arise;  you can easily think in English as well as speak confidently in English. Hence, repetition is a sure shot way to success when it comes to learning the English language.

Repetitive Learning | Avoid Boredom by Rotating Resources

Does it sound boring to you? Going through same stuff over and over again. Yes, it is; but only when you keep yourself limited to a single resource. If you just read books; soon you will be bored of that and the very process of learning through repetition fails. Hence you must rotate your resources in an efficient manner to accomplish your goal.

You can have a vast number of resources in your hand. Along with physical books; you can try audiobooks,  games and much more to make the learning process more enjoyable. In fact, if you successfully combine your learning with your daily activities then you will accomplish your goal in less time and without getting distracted from the path. You can utilize the daily usage things like your grocery list. Pen down your grocery list in English and try to memorize the words. If you do it every day; very soon you will be adding, permanently, new words to your vocabulary. Frequent exposure to new words develops vocabulary.

In games, you can gather two or more friends of yours, who have the same goal as yours, and enjoy word building, descriptive drawing, a picture dictionary and many more. You can write some topics on a piece of paper and each one of your friends can, turn by turn, speak on a particular topic while the other lot can listen and try to point out grammatical as well as vocabulary mistakes and even look for hesitation spots while a person is speaking. Altogether these are fun activities, but go a long way in improving your spoken English.

You might feel that these are small activities but initial steps must always be small and gradually you should build momentum.

Repetition With Awareness is Critical | Attentive Mind is a Must

If you are not mindful or aware while following the principle of repetition; then it is of little to no use. So, along with repetition, being focused on what you are doing is also of utmost importance. Only listening and repeating won’t do the trick for you. You must give careful consideration to what you are doing. This way, you reduce the total time involved in achieving your goal, as repetitive learning with an attentive and careful mind enables you to grasp the basic things along with their essential details pretty quickly as compared to following a simple and plain repetitive process without engaging your mind in it.

Thus, it can be concluded that repetition along with an attentive mindful presence to what you are doing, is one of the foundational keys; if you want to grasp the English language efficiently.

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