Summer Is Coming – Don’t Forget to Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction ?

We all love summer’s sunny skies. Ensuring those pale pins get some tan in those short dresses, lathering on the best tanning lotion, eating all the ice cream you can to cool down, and grazing on those sweet berries in the garden…ah ..heavenly isn’t it?

Well yeah, but the temperatures too keep rising leaving you wishing they’d know when to stop! Spending your nights stuck to your sheets, feeling like you are in the seventh circle of hell ain’t fun at all. And while there are a plethora of suggestions on how to survive the summer heat, some are just downright strange, and some do not pan out at all.

For example, you can sleep on a buckwheat pillow, use blackout curtains (therefore miss all the summer beauty!) or leave your windows open, but waking up with a raised roadmap on your skin hinting where troops of mosquitoes stopped by for dinner, is not fun.

There is an easier way to get that summer chill that your skin is bawling for without sacrificing your blood to the skeeters. And it all begins with your ceiling fan’s blade rotation direction. While your ceiling fans may not essentially cool a room by themselves, they do improve the air circulation in your space.

This, in turn, assists sweat to evaporate from the skin, making your clan feel colder than it actually is in the room. Most people will easily believe that it is actually eight degrees colder in the room than it shows on the thermostat when the fan is working right.

Ceiling fan direction for summer?

In summer you need those blades to rotate in a counter-clockwise motion or in reverse so that they can produce that optimum wind chill. A comfortable breeze should produce the same effect as that which you get when you are fanning yourself with a newspaper under stifling heat.

Rotating counterclockwise assists the blades to push down cool air to the floor, which cools the skin without affecting your room temperature. This means that you can lower your energy bill by turning up your thermostat a few degrees, without raising family disputes over the thermostat, especially those pitched ones that happen during periods of extreme heat.

Did you know that according to Energy Star you can save up to 3 percent on air conditioning costs with each degree raised on your thermostat? Why?  Every time you lower your thermostat in hot weather, you force your air conditioning unit to work harder. Raising the thermostat gives both your AC and energy bill a much needed holiday.

How to tell if your fan in on the correct setting in summer

  1. Turn on your fan and position yourself directly underneath the fan blades. Look closely to see in which direction the blades turn. If well set, the blades should move from the top, left, down right then back to the top.
  2. While the fan is on and blades are turning, can you feel any air movement if you stand underneath the fan? If there lacks any air movement, the fan is whirling wrong for summer.
  3. Join the fan nerds and use air bubbles from a bubble machine to show the direction the fan is blowing.

Benefits of using your fan right in summer

  1. Production of that 8 degrees cooler than normal temperatures summer chill we all love
  2. A saving of up to 40% on air conditioning bills
  3. Reduction in use of window or central conditioning units
  4. Outdoor fans also help keep pesky insects away


So there you are, no strange hacks, no wet sheets on windows or open windows at night, just adjust your fan to rotate to the right direction and your family will not only be happier but you will make a ton of savings too on your energy costs.

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