Risky Investments Which Made Huge Returns

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One of the oldest sayings within the business world, meaning that if you have what you think is a good business plan, you are likely to face some financial risk in seeing it come to fruition. Many people come up with a sound plan and a well thought out product which enables them to run a good and profitable company, earning themselves a tidy return and providing work for others. Some of course flop and fail, while others, by good planning, though more often a goodly slice of luck, see their investment provide unbelievable returns.


In the 1990’s a major technology company found itself in deep trouble. Sales goals were way behind the target, an internal issue caused a management power vacuum and it faced the very real threat of going out of business. An old executive was forced to come back, a decision which could have finished the company off, but instead of which may have been the best business decision in history. The man: Steve Jobs; the company: Apple. Those who bought stock in this period made a fortune.


Everyone has to eat, so the food industry always has the potential to provide good returns, especially if the offering is appealing. The trend in recent years has been towards avoiding sugar and fat-filled fast food, and more towards healthy eating. Four people from Texas thought they had seen the writing on the wall and in the 1980s, set up an organic grocer company called Whole Foods, a household name today in the States, and one which made its investors extremely wealthy.


It has always been said that money makes money, but what happens when the money isn’t exactly visible, or tangible in any other way than its perceived value in the cyber world? Such was the case with Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that arrived with much pomp and ceremony, along with much skepticism but which nonetheless absolutely exploded in value. The returns it provided made many early investors into millionaires and billionaires. Its value has dropped, though with the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency and its speed and cost-saving benefits, may well yet rebound and make a few more. Along the way it has created cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitcoin Dealers is among Bitcoin Exchange Melbourne investors go to.


One of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world today was nearly sold in 1999 for a measly one million dollars, as the company founders felt that what they were creating was taking too much time away from their graduate studies. The potential buyer wanted to pay less than the asking price and they stuck with it, creating in the process Google. Needless to say it was a decision that made them extraordinarily rich, against very long odds.


Cut price and discount stores will probably always be popular with shoppers looking for the cheapest prices and best bargains. Once considered as such, becoming a more premium retailer is a fair challenge, but one done brilliantly by Target. A risky, but extremely lucrative move saw it introduce affordable variations of designer merchandise, working with big name designers, which propelled it and its profitability skywards.

Risky investments often do not pay off, though from time to time a winner comes along. It’s all about having the courage, fortitude and determination, along with a bit of luck to find the big payday, so good luck with your next pick.

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