Safely Driving In The Fog With LED Headlights

As we enter into autumn, the excellent summer driving conditions will turn into hazardous driving conditions because of changing weather conditions. This is a time when snow settles, black ice forms, and the fog comes rolling in. Even if you consider yourself a good driver, foggy conditions can make driving dangerous and difficult. For anyone who does not have confidence in their driving ability then driving in the fog will not only reduce their visibility but it will become a deeply unnerving travel experience.

You may have noticed on major highways that there is often advisories warning about the dangerous weather conditions. Every year, there are major accidents on highways throughout North America because of foggy conditions. If you follow some basic rules, are sensible and cautious, and patient, then you will be able to minimize any chance of having an accident because of the fog.

Of course, it is impossible to be responsible for other drivers on the road. However, the more that you make specific allowances for the foggy conditions, the safer your driving adventure will be. Therefore, even if you consider yourself someone who can handle driving risks such as foggy conditions, this article will provide some excellent refreshers. If you are not someone who considers yourself a good driver then this article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to keep safe while driving in the fog.

The first thing to consider is to drive only when it is necessary. When you hear a weather forecast that advises extreme caution because of foggy conditions then it may be a good time to stay at home. After all, the weather bureau and the government traffic department do not put out such advisories unless they are concerned about people’s safety.

Simply put, if you stay at home you will not be able to cause any harm or be harmed on the road. Ask yourself whether your journey is really that important or urgent? Rather be patient, have a cup of tea as you wait for the visibility to improve. This will be a far better option than being stranded on the side of a dark deserted road in the freezing fog.

If you decide to go out then you should begin your journey by quickly checking of your headlights and fog lamps. Turn on your high beams and make sure that both high and low beams are working. Check all of the lights on both sides of the vehicle and at the back end at the front. Of course, if you live in an area that has continual foggy conditions then you will want to make sure that you have a good set of LED fog lamps.

LED Fog Lamps

LED fog lights will provide maximum performance because they are an efficient and high-performance type of light. All LED lights are well known for providing excellent power at a low-cost in comparison to a halogen bulb. A basic LED fog light will also be long-lasting. However, the best part about these type of lights is that they are completely adjustable. Some of the reasons why you would want to choose LED fog lights include that they will deliver xenon white color, provide better visibility and a feeling of security as you travel along dark roads and not cause eye strain.

Yes, one of the major tips for driving in the fog is to have LED fog lamps. These type of lights will light up the dark roads and alleyways so that you can see bumps, pedestrians, potholes, animals, vehicles, or any other type of road hazard. They provide a straight and very bright beam of light that will protect you from the terrors of the night. Another tip about your headlights is that many drivers assume that you should use the brightest light possible in the fog. This, unfortunately, is completely wrong. Never use your high beam but rather use your low beam. Using your low beam along with your LED fog headlamps will provide the best visibility.

Never forget to turn your fog lights off when the fog clears. If the fog is patchy, you will need to turn on your fog lights went foggy and off when clear. If your car has rear fog lights it is important to know how to operate them so that you are not scrambling around trying to switch them on when the fog appears.

Car Heater

Your LED fog lamps will be your most important defense against dangerous foggy conditions but another important defense to help you drive safely in the fog is your car heater. When there is fog outside it will cause condensation inside. During foggy conditions, inside condensation can form quickly without you noticing. The majority of vehicles today have excellent heaters but unfortunately, the heater is only effective when the person operates it properly.

Remember to turn on both your rear window heater and your front window heater. If your vehicle comes equipped with a heated front windshield then utilize it quickly whenever the fog rolls in.


It may sound a bit silly but another tip for driving safely during foggy conditions is to listen. Turn off your car radio and wind down your window. This will help you to listen for any oncoming vehicles when you cannot see them. It will also help you to concentrate as you listen for any car coming quickly behind you that you cannot see.


Always maintain a reasonable amount of space between the car in front of you and your vehicle. Remember that the car in front of you will also have difficulty seeing and may decide to quickly stop. You should leave a bit more space between vehicles than you typically would in normal driving conditions. A good rule of thumb while driving in the fog would be to remain behind a vehicle in a way that you can no longer see their rear lights.

Of course, there are many other excellent tips when driving in the fog including slowing down and pulling off the road when it is too dangerous to drive. However, the key point is to purchase a set of LED fog lamps to help improve your visibility.

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