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Do you use a WiFi device to surf the internet on your smartphone or laptop? Does your router use the WPA2 WiFi encryption protocol? If yes, then you are susceptible to unscrupulous hackers that are actively trying to steal away your confidential personal information, such as banking details and credit name numbers etc. According to the reports, researchers have recently discovered a major flaw, i.e. Key Reinstallation Attacks (“Krack Attacks”), in the commonly-used WPA2 WiFi encryption protocol. Krack Attacks lets hackers intercept credit card numbers, photos, passwords, and all other sensitive information. So, you may be wondering what can the potential dangers of using unprotected and unsecured WiFi devices be.

Five Major Risks

Well, there is a number of potential risks that are associated with WiFi devices if the security rules of their network protocols are inadequate, lax, or nonexistent.

  1. Man in the Middle Attacks: In general, your computer makes a connection to the web and then send your data from the computer to a desired service/website. Unfortunately, hackers can easily get in between these transmissions and unauthorizedly read your personal, sensitive data. Hence, your private data is no more secure if there’s a “Man in the Middle Attack“.
  2. Unencrypted Networks: By using an encryption, the messages that are transmitted between your computer and the wireless device can be encrypted through a secret code. Therefore, attackers can’t easily read those encrypted messages as they don’t have the right key to decipher the secret code. If your WiFi device doesn’t come with an encryption feature, then those sensitive messages and information are at severe risk.
  3. Malware Distribution: Nowadays, attackers can easily slip malware onto your computer and compromise its security. The worst part is that the entire process may happen without you even knowing. In this way, they can compromise your operating system and other software programs by injecting a specific vulnerability to your machine.
  4. Snooping and Sniffing: This is another extremely severe risk where cybercriminals typically use special software kits in order to access all information that you’re doing online. Starting from viewing the web pages that you have visited capturing your login credentials, they can hack your personal accounts.
  5. Malicious Hotspots: Oftentimes, Cybercriminals create “rogue access points” trick so that victims can connect to their network (considering it’s reliable and legitimate). But, once you connect to such deceptive, rogue, and malicious hotspots, cybercriminals can easily view your sensitive information.

How to Protect Your WiFi Device?

You have already revealed the major issues or potential flaws of using an unsecured WiFi device. Luckily for you, Norton Wifi Privacy software now offers a greater protection. It automatically encrypts the data you send or receive when using any Wi-Fi. In this way, the software ensures that your most sensitive information is absolutely hidden from prying eyes.

Key Features

  1. Bank-Grade Encryption: The software incorporates robust encryption technologies which the leading banks actually deploy so that your information is secure and private.
  2. Browse Anonymously: Your personal information, online activities, and location will be encrypted with the no-log VPN.
  3. Access Content Faster: The software grants you a faster access to your favorite websites and apps.
  4. Browse Faster With Ad Blocking: Norton Wifi Privacy blocks ad trackers. Hence, you can now browse faster and the websites can longer track your activities to deliver unwanted annoying ads.

Norton Wifi Privacy – How Much Does It Cost?

The default annual subscription for a single WiFi device without the use of a Norton discount code is $69.98. The annual subscription price for five WiFi devices is $79.98. And, for ten WiFi devices is $94.98. Other than that, monthly subscription plans are also available.

Coupons for Norton Wifi Privacy

Symantec Inc. has been issuing coupon codes for its Norton products which give up to $80 discounts. In Qetes in particular, there is an offer going on – no coupon needed –  for the WiFi Privacy where users will receive flat $40 off on their purchase. Note, it’s a limited time promotional offer and no coupon code is necessary to avail this discount.

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