Seeing Into The Future

Some people will visit a psychic for fun, and some because they have a specific reason. Usually the psychic will talk about things from the past and your current life to build trust that they can see things we can’t, because of their heightened perceptions. We’re unable to prove how or why psychics have their abilities, but this has not stopped the police using their services to successfully help locate missing persons.

Psychic readings have always been popular with the public, and remain so, with most psychics having a specific area they specialise in.

Tarot Cards

Although it is thought tarot cards did not become popular in Europe until the 15th century, their use can be traced back to Egyptian times. Each card has a different meaning, and how they are laid out, and their combinations, can change the meaning. Anyone can learn the meaning of the cards, but it takes more training to understand them properly.

Distance Readings

The proliferation of technology has seen psychic readings by telephone, webcams, emails, and various other methods become much more common in recent years. Remote perception can work with the psychic and the client never meeting, although the reading is carried out using video chat, so they do have the option to see each other. Psychic readings have been carried out through letters and text messages for a very long time, but new technology has opened up a plethora of different ways for distance readings to be performed.


Psychometrics are a form of psychic readings based on contact with items belonging to the person the reading is for. According to the thought behind psychometrics, items like wedding rings, spectacles, keys and any personal item an individual has a lot of contact with soaks up some of their energy, which a psychic can detect. Psychometrics is the method that has been used to successfully locate missing persons.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see information about a person through extrasensory perception. People have tried to disprove this ability many times and have failed to definitively prove its existence either way. No matter what the world of science thinks, there are still many people who believe psychics have this gift and use it to help people. Psychic readings with a clairvoyant can be performed face to face, or as a distance reading.

Palm Reading

Although often associated with fairgrounds, palm reading is a serious art based on the lines, wrinkles, and shapes on your hands. As with Tarot, anyone can be taught the meanings, but it’s believed psychics using palm reading will be able to look much deeper than the obvious.

Choosing The Best For You

These are just a few examples of the many different methods used for Psychic Readings. Most psychics will not make things up just to satisfy your curiosity, and if they cannot give you any information, they will often tell you so. This could be because their particular speciality is not suited to you, and trying another type of psychic method with a different person could be the answer.

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