Serfy – Field Service Management Software Review

This is a Field Service Management Software designed to assign tasks and track company records. Most importantly, you can use it to keep clients engaged to collaborate in performing activities. This single application offers an opportunity to attain most activities simultaneously. You can handle the important management processes and accurately maintain them with this software.

This app has a specific design to provide quality and ease of use. The team of managers can now have an easy time in their endeavors. The cost of Serfy task management varies with the user’s requirements for the app. Serfy field service software pricing is therefore, based on the user’


Serfy management software has spread into many businesses in the UK already. Its efficiency precedes its reputation making it an important piece of management support feature. It is expected to spread widely to other parts of the world too. Since every business is unique its operations, there are different needs specific to the company using the software. The software has a wide variety of features to suit the different options from the companies. To ensure it fits the needs of different clients, the management software is fully customizable in most of in most of its features. It adjusts to different clientele and their behavior or requirement.

How it Works

Depending on the needs of the management software, Serfy is divided into

  • Modern issue tracking software
  • Outsource and Field Service Management Software
  • Modern Issue Tracking Software

With the latest enhancements of technologies, the modern tracking software caters for the needs of the current generation user. In summary, this software is mostly automated and can conduct many intelligent instructions without the help of man. This is what most organizations need. It is what they are ready to take their investments and replace the need to hire employees for every task. This software can make several solutions and complete tasks conducted by many people manually. It is therefore cost effective as it is a time saver. Every detail and schedule is completed in time with easy-to-use tools. Simplifying the interface of this software makes it usable by a wide variety of people without a hassle. Each detail is therefore, a priority because it contributes to the precision and accuracy in the end.

Outsourcing or Field Service Management Software

This manager software supports managers to relieve them from their common challenges. In most of their daily responsibilities, the management software networks with others to complete tasks. It acts as an outsource to help the managers in their wide variety of functionalities such as allocation of tasks to partners. It can also help in managing the working hours and accordingly upload, share, download, and recall images, files, and documents when necessary.

It comes with several features to contribute in providing the adequate resources for delivery of effective services and maintenance of the team. They include;

  • Task Outsourcing
  • Data Entry Template Tool
  • Objects Management
  • Client Management
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Issue and Task Management in One Window


It is customizable: The flexibility allows you to create, manage, and modify every issue while tracking the status. This feature makes it possible to not only track the workload but also distribute the work among the necessary entities.

Data Entry Template Tool: data is the core of any business because it determines the position of the company in the market. It defines the position of the company in the market. The tools in Serfy are user-friendly to reduce paperwork

Objects Management: the software will boost your ability to manage the equipment and assets. It has acquired quite a reputation in handling emergencies too.

Client Management: the clients are exposed to quick service performance. Each of the processes is digitized and there is no way of losing a job.

Importance for Business

The version helps run real-time projects. This is possible by providing indirect support for the progress via notifications on data entry. It shows the separation between the data flow and other field staff duties.

Serfy lets your customers report any issues to get the most appropriate information. User engagement is an important part of the progress to attain the targets of the company. The user may modify their preferences as well as statuses to meet the SLA.

The tracking software focuses on providing the best templates, which are easily modifiable. It allows users to any particular task or object effectively and easily without difficulty.

Serfy is advanced to allow complete digitization of paper act. It, therefore, eases the process of acquiring information about field staff or clients. Replacing paperwork reduces the cumbersomeness involved in huge piles of filing and keeping physical records. This means companies do not only have the advantage of cutting down on the expenses meant for manpower and paper resources but also the time involved. Most importantly, precision is achieved through digitization of the entire process.

The software easily allows assigning tasks to the outsourcing partners. It keeps the process quick and tracking easy. For huge companies, assigning tasks to contractors is often a tedious process that takes time and difficulty in tracking. However, with this management software, instant updates show an accurate transfer of information that cannot be lost. It can also be arranged to show trends and make major business decisions.

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