Key Differences between Shared Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

Most of the people who are looking for a web host tend to get confused when making a selection out of shared hosting and dedicated web hosting. Due to this confusion, they often make incorrect choices as well. Due to this reason, it is extremely important for you to have a clear understanding on what share and dedicated server hosting is. Then you will be able to go ahead and invest your money on the best server hosting plan available.

Disk space and bandwidth

When you are selecting a server hosting solution, you must pay special attention towards dedicated and shared hosting. Bandwidth refers to the volume of traffic that the server allows to trespass for a given period of time. Usually, the service providers calculate this by the number of GBs per month. The bandwidth allowed by shared web hosting service providers is limited. Usually, they have several pricing tiers based on the volume of bandwidth offered. But when it comes to dedicated hosting, you will often be able to find unlimited bandwidth.

But in reality, there is a limit. That’s because you don’t have the ability to use the unlimited space in the practical world. Disk space provided by shared and dedicated hosting plans differ based on the amount that you spend. If your website is receiving a lot of traffic, you are encouraged to go forward with dedicated hosting. Then you will be able to make sure that an enhanced experience is offered to all the visitors who come to your website.


Secondly, you need to focus on the level of performance that you will be able to receive from dedicated hosting and shared hosting plans. Performance is directly impacted by the volume of resources that you have. In shared hosting, you will not be provided with too many resources. Therefore, the overall performance of your website will be limited as well. But this will not be a major issue for a website owner, who only receives a limited amount of traffic.

But when you are receiving a large volume of traffic, you will realize that shared hosting is not the best option available for you to move forward with. The resources on shared hosting plans will be shared with other users as well. If one of the users on your hosting server receives a lot of traffic, your website will be impacted as well. If you want to overcome these issues, dedicated hosting is the way forward. Then you will be able to make sure that you don’t experience a downtime with a spike in traffic. As a result, you can easily deliver an enhanced experience to all visitors who come to your website.


The functionality of shared hosting plans makes it a less secure option available to you when compared to dedicated hosting. That’s mainly because the server where your website is located in is shared with many other users and website. If there is a single script with errors running on the server, there is a possibility for the complete server to crash. You never have an understanding of what sort of websites have been hosted on the server that you are in as well. Due to this reason, you will not be able to receive an enhanced level of security while you use shared hosting. But when it comes to dedicated hosting, you are always provided with enhanced reliability and security. On the dedicated server, you will be provided with the freedom to run many different types of software and scripts as well. The hosting service provider will keep an eye on the server and make sure that it is functioning in a smooth manner.


If you are not a tech expert, who has a clear understanding on control and manage all the resources on your server, you should go ahead with dedicated hosting. In fact, dedicated hosting provides you with all the freedom that you need to take enhanced control over the server. But you aren’t provided with such control when you are using a shared hosting plan. A large number of restrictions have been applied on the service that you receive. You will not even be able to run some scripts on the server. Due to this reason, people who wish to have better control over the server prefer to go ahead with dedicated hosting. You can run any type of a script or software that you want on the server. Therefore, you will not come across any frustration when you are managing the server. But you need to have the knowledge to take control of the server as well.


Affordability can be considered as the main reason why people prefer to go ahead with shared hosting solutions. Usually, you will be able to receive the shared hosting plans at amazingly low prices. You will be able to get some additional services with shared hostings, such as improved bandwidth. However, you will have to spend your money on these add-ons. On the other hand, dedicated hosting can be considered as an expensive solution out of two. That’s mainly because you are provided with a dedicated set of resources by your hosting service provider. In addition, you will be able to receive some additional services, such as assistance with resolving minor technical issues. If you can afford, you can go for dedicated hosting services without keeping a doubt in mind.

Now you have a clear understanding of the differences that exist in between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With that in mind, you can invest your money on the hosting server type you need. In addition, you need to be concerned about the location of the server as well. If you want to order Netherlands dedicated server, please visit Inxy. If you have a lot of visitors from the European region, you will find it as an easy task to provide a better experience to them with it.

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