How to Shine at Interview to Land Your Dream Job

We all know that in this hyper competitive jobs market, you need to stand out from the crowd to ensure your potential employer sits up and takes notice. This is, of course, easier said than done, but there are certain things you can do before and during the interview process to maximize your chances of being successful. This will greatly help you in landing your dream job in no time.

Look into the Employer & Get the Facts

Most of the time leading up to an interview, all most people will do is a worry. This is the last thing you should be doing. It is so essential to look into the workplace that you are applying for, not only to find out if it is the right place for you to work, but to allow you to gain a feel of the workplace. Your interviewer will be impressed if you can spin off some facts about the work place. For example, they may have received a reward for being a great place to work, and if you can drop that fact into an answer during the interview, the interviewer will realize that you have taken the time to do your homework and will naturally assume that you have a real interest in working with them.

Also, if you have managed to find out the name of your interviewer, it could be a good idea to look for their profile on LinkedIn. Don’t memorize everything about the person, as this could freak them out a bit, but if they do volunteering or support a sports team, you can try and bond with them over this subject.

Another good way to gain some valuable information about the workplace before the interview is to check out their website. This will allow you to get a feel for the culture of the workplace, and there could be an area on the site where they talk about their values and goals. You can then bring these values and goals up at interview to try and justify how you can contribute.

At Interview…

You’ve probably heard most of these before, but it is important to ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview is about to commence. It will allow you to relax in the waiting room, or have a walk around the practice to get a feel of the place. It is of vital importance to be nice to everyone. For example, it is not uncommon for the interviewer to ask the receptionist how you acted on arrival. Smile and be friendly, and you should be ok.

As an employer myself, it is so incredibly important to ask questions to the interviewer. You want to appear engaged and interested. When you are just starting a new job, there are so many questions as a new start that you will have, and if you don’t ask any, it shows that you are unaware of what you are getting yourself into. I want to employ someone who can speak up for themselves rather than sheepishly sit and say nothing, especially if I am interviewing for a customer focused job.

Another tip I would have for you to shine at interview would be to ensure you answer a scenario question confidently and authoritatively. If you say “I don’t know”, then this will sound alarmed bells for the interviewer that you can’t be proactive and highlights that you will require a lot of hand holding. If you answer (even if it is not right), it shows you have some form of problem-solving mentality, which is what we want to see. Sometimes the interviewer is not even looking for the right answer to a scenario; he just wants to test how much you can think for yourself. Answering the scenario question correctly, however, will give you lots of brownie points!

Once you get home from your interview, we would highly recommend that you send a quick email to the person who interviewed you to say thanks for taking the time to speak with me. It shows that you are still motivated to work for the company, plus it helps develop a rapport between you and the interviewer.

If you have any other tips for other job seekers before and during the interview, let us know!

After the Interview 

It may take time for the HR personnel to give you a job offer or say that you didn’t make it. If you accept the job offer, you will have to complete preemployment requirements and consent to drug testing, if any.

The test results will determine whether you get the job or have to find something else. To help reduce the uncertainty, detoxify your body using the appropriate program beforehand.

Landing your dream job is a matter of hard work and a bit of luck.

Contributed by: Dentreps

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