Should You Consider Paying For Instagram Followers?

Why would you be interested in going to websites to buy Instagram followers? What are the benefits of this transaction? There are plenty of benefits linked to this option and they all involve your profile reaching a far larger audience. If you happen to have an Instagram profile and you want to increase the popularity of your account then this is a good enough reason for you to consider the proposal. First though, you need to get a bit more background knowledge about why Instagram is such a popular place and why you would want to consider investing in your profile.

Why is Instagram popular?

Instagram is a major source of debate in modern society. News is spread through it and news is even created by it. People will follow other people to get an idea of what is going on in their lives or to hear their latest updates. There are whole media sources which use “So-and-so took to Instagram to say…” as verification for their stories. Because of this, Instagram attracts a lot of attention from people who want to see these news stories developing as they happen. This is just one reason why there are more than a billion people using the social network on a monthly basis. Another reason is the popularity of the platform’s stripped down version of social media when compared to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. There is far more focus on content here and it is easier to create and upload it. There is far less to distract you from looking at other users’ content as well. In addition, the focus of Instagram is the pictures uploaded by its users which makes it easier for people to browse through the content. There is no need to stop and read long blocks of text. Here, the content is mixed with imagery so even when text is involved, it is presented in a more palatable fashion.

Doing business with Instagram

Another reason for Instagram’s popularity, and one which is becoming ever more relevant, is the opportunities it provides to businesses. Instagram offers a space that can be used as a shop window with a potential audience of a billion users, any number of which can later become loyal customers if they take a shine to what they see. The behaviour of Instagram users when using the social network plays another significant role in its attraction as a place for businesses to advertise. Instagram users have been shown to engage with businesses online at a significantly higher rate than users of other social media. 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business on Instagram while 60% of Instagram users have bought a product that they first saw on the social network. Additionally, 70% of Instagram users will further research a company that they have discovered on Instagram. This kind of behaviour is indicative of a user base that is interested in using Instagram for shopping or engaging with businesses to some extent and any business looking for new ways to get in touch with real people should be taking note of the platform.

Why are followers important for Instagram users?

Instagram has an algortihm working behind it that gives more promotion and a higher placing to those Instagram users who have more engagement with other users. This means they are more likely to be recommended to other users and will appear higher up the list in search results. With more interaction, you can get more exposure and this leads, once again, to more interaction. Once you get the ball rolling, it can start developing pretty quickly. The tricky part is getting the ball rolling as getting the increase in followers required for a significant boost in your popularity, one big enough to extend your area of exposure, is going to require an awful lot of effort.

Why should you pay for Instagram followers?

As mentioned above, you need people to interact with your profile in order to gain more exposure. You don’t necessarily need followers to do this work for you; anybody on Instagram can come along and engage with your profile.However, you are more likely to get repeated and regular interaction if you have your own followers. Followers will regularly see your content appear in their feed when they log into Instagram so this makes it easier for you to catch their attention. While other Instagram users may come along and engage with your profile, they will have to do a lot more work to get there. It’s easier to focus on attracting the attention of your followers. If you have followers that you pay for then you can be sure that they will engage regularly with your profile and its content; its their job.

Beware of bot accounts

However, you do need to be aware of how genuine their account and their Instagram behaviour is. This is because there are a number of bot accounts around and some of these will offer their services as followers. The problem with bot accounts is that they are automated ones. They don’t have real people running them. They can hit like and leave comments but they struggle to replicate the behaviour of real Instagram users. Telling a bot account from a real one is not too difficult. Real accounts have uploads and followers of their own. They also have a trace of regular interaction with other Instagram users. So if you do take the step to pay for Instagram followers, be sure you are getting real ones for your money.

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