Should You Get A Password Manager?

A lot of individuals have several online accounts with various service providers. These accounts are restricted to unwanted individuals via the use of usernames and passwords. It then becomes challenging when one needs to handle various passwords for different accounts. Many people at one point or the other have had to recover their passwords as they could not remember their previous password used for certain accounts. Also, for you to have a strong account that can not be easily be accessed by hackers, you need to generate complex passwords that you can remember. But what do you do when you can’t remember the password you created yourself? Frustrating right?

What Is A Password Manager?

This is a software application that helps save and manage several passwords of a user. These passwords are stored in an encrypted format which prevents unauthorized access by third-party individuals. For you to retrieve these passwords, you will need to input a master password. A password manager can handle a series of complex passwords and other related account credentials. Also, they can generate strong and complex passwords for various accounts.

What are the best password managers that are ideal for you?


This is a go-to password manager with vast features which are offered via two different price plans: free and premium versions. The Lastpass is compatible with devices that run on various operating systems. It is easy to use this password manager as you can download and set it up with less hassle. Its plugins work with most browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, and Internet Explorer. You can import usernames and passwords that are saved on these browsers. Lastpass features two-factor authentication which encodes your information online, enabling you to access it anywhere in the world. You can use its free credit monitoring and auto-fill feature when shopping online. It also restricts auto-completion of forms on untrusted sites. With the premium version pegged at $36 per year, you get 1GB of encrypted file storage. Finally, you can export your data from Lastpass to another password manager with ease.


1Password was initially aimed at Apple devices, it later expanded its services to other devices like Chrome OS, Android, Windows, and Linux. Its extensions are also available to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Edge. Apps like the Google Authenticator can be easily replaced by 1Password’s two-factor authentication manager. With the “Travel Mode” you can temporarily have your vault removed from your device while traveling or selecting what credentials to travel with. This helps limit your exposure. Although, the price plan of this password manager is on the high side: $36 per year for an individual and $60 per year for the family plan. Online shopping is a walk in the park for this manager as you can add your credit information and other login information. You get 1GB of cloud storage to keep your confidential documents. Finally, it also features a strong password generator and mode of sharing passwords.


This password manager limits its free account to a single user and restricts device sync. In addition to this, you can only store 50 passwords. However, with the premium service pegged at $39.66, you get unlimited password storage and can automatically sync your passwords and other relevant data across devices. It features a Dark Web Monitoring functionality that helps you monitor the web for compromised data and alerts you immediately. Another attractive feature is the presence of a VPN that encrypts all your data on unsecured WiFi and other networks ensuring that your data is secured. You can share your credentials with anyone without revealing your password. It also features an auto-password generator that creates complex passwords that are hard to crack. Its auto-fill option helps you fill forms online – a great help for shopping. You can sync this manager on devices such as iOS, Windows, Android, and macOS.

Here are the best password managers you can optimize for your online accounts. To know more about them or purchase any of them, kindly check out this link: should you get a password manager

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