Sightseeing in London – Things to do with your kids!

After working out on the weight distribution hitches of your hotel/resort, it’s time to hit the city of the dreamers – London. It is the home of the most intriguing and worthwhile buffet of things to explore. While for adults the options are plentiful, you might have to narrow down your choices when traveling with kids. But, don’t worry. In this post we will talk about stuff you can do with kids – something that everyone will equally enjoy.

Here it is –

Madame Tussaud’s Museum on Baker Street

Who hasn’t heard of this world-famous museum? People from around the globe only dream of at least once visiting it. Coming face-to-face with life-like figures of your favorite stars, is as close to meeting them in real life as it can get. Hug them, kiss them, or take selfies with life-sized wax statues of your favorite celeb. Your kids will be thankful to you while you too get to have your fair share of fun.

London Dungeon – London Bridge

The last thing kids want is something dull and boring. So, give them a dose of spine-chilling adventure. Take them to the London Dungeon Museum. Think of it as a gruesome version of the Madame Tussaud’s Museum. While here, you can expect a horror-show like elements such as dripping water, hauntingly dark corners, toiling bells, skeletons and everything you need for chills and thrills. A strategically planned dungeon is the farthest thing possible from boredom.

Harry Potter tour

If the thought of sightseeing all the places where Harry Potter was shot doesn’t get your kids excited, we don’t know what will. It’s the ultimate dream-come-true for any hardcore Harry Potter fan. Get yourself signed up with a Harry Potter tour and check out where it all started. Take a walk around the most iconic places, streets, and buildings that inspired JK Rowling to come-up with magical character. Also, walk past the Leaky Cauldron, and the Ministry of the Magic; all without the filters of the 70mm screen.

So, are you ready for the much-needed dose of fun and adventure navigating through the streets of London with your kids?

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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