Skin Care with Natural Home Remedies in Winter

When you observe your skin all over the year, you will find a big difference from season to another. Challenges will be in acute weather changes as in winter and summer. In these seasons, some skin conditions will appear because of cold weather and humidity.

Dry skin and flaking are among many other skin conditions that winter comes with. However, to search for products that will give you the required skin care may be troubling due to the huge numbers of these products. On the other hand, using natural home remedies can make a big difference.

What does winter do with skin moisture?

Cold weather and low temperature is a basic factor to lose skin moisture. These changes lead your skin to protect itself as it forms dry layer on the surface. This layer will cover facial skin to prevent cold air from reaching deep layers of the dermis. As a result, dry skin layer will form flaking of dead skin cells.

In summer, hot weather and high humidity require some light moisturizers such as creams. While in winter, skin will need extra care routine, which will form a thick layer to protect skin from cold weather. The ordinary light moisturizing creams will not work well for skin care in the winter. However, your skin will need oily moisturizer that contain a thick formula.

The importance of oils in skin moisturizer is that it can cover the surface of the skin to prevent any effect of low temperature on the outer layer of the dermis.  Most moisturizing products for winter contain basic oils, but you need to choose the best. If you seek the best skin moisturizing cream, it should contain jojoba, almond, avocado or sunflower oils. In addition, the waxy or thick texture of the product may contain beeswax or Shea butter.

Nevertheless, thick creams or lotions may hurt skin as they contain butters and wax, which may accumulate in skin pores. Consequently, it will be better to use products that contain natural moisturizing oils. You should avoid chemical formulas in your skin conditioner and cream, but glycerin will be a good choice.

Keep it clean with natural remedies

Weather changes always make skin dry, so cleansing skin may be a good job as the first step to prevent these conditions. Again, cold weather causes flaking due to dead skin cells and dry dermis.

Using cleansing products will help in keeping the outer layer of the skin clean from any flaking and dead cells. You need to clean your face 1-2 times a day in winter, because cleaning skin more often than usual may increase dryness and flaking.

However, using natural cleansing products will keep your skin and remove all dirt and other impurities. Natural glycerin soap and water will do the required cleaning, but hot water will not be good for dryness.

Exfoliate and scrub these dry layers

Cold weather may increase dryness and flaking on the outer layer of skin. Cleansing facial skin on a daily basis will help in removing these layers. However, sometimes these layers may increase due to different reasons. Consequently, using some scrubs to exfoliate skin dry skin layers will be a good work.

Most available scrubs on the market contain chemical formulas and synthetized substances. As a result, natural scrubs will be perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells. We recommend using natural exfoliating products that will remove dirt and impurities with no consequences. Furthermore, your skin may suffer from other issues in winter, such as acnes, blackheads and pimples.

These skin conditions are common, especially with oily skin. Using scrubs and other exfoliating products will help in removing them. Moreover, blackhead extraction tools can extract these blackheads safely with other exfoliating products.

You can make your own homemade scrub with mashing a banana with a papaya in one mixture. Adding some olive oil to the blend will give your skin the required moisture and it will prevent dryness and flaking. Natural glycerin with water and lemon juice can prevent many of skin issues. Milk with egg yolk and honey can also moisturize your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities. Finally, your skin is a sensitive part of the body, so you need to avoid chemical and other formulated products for the sake of natural remedies, if you like this article and want to get more updates on lifestyle, beauty, and entertainment then you can check bechuzi.com.

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