Smart Drugs: The Best Nootropics for More Focus in Your Business

Need some more focus and clarity? Try these best Nootropics to brain-hack your way to a better business

Have you heard of “bio-hacking”? It’s the idea that we can do things to better our bodies, other than the classic diet, sleep, and exercise.

Some people think rebounding and oil pulling are two good ways to get things moving around the body. And if they feel like it helps them, that’s great.

If you want a little more proof behind your bio-hacks, you may want to try nootropic drugs. They’re not drugs in the sense that they get you high or change your state of mind.

They’re drugs that try to feed and enhance brain functioning so you can get more done and be more focused.

People claim that the best nootropics help them stay alert and productive longer. Compared to when they don’t take them and are in a similar situation.

A lot of schools around the country are quickly banning these “smart drugs” on their campus because they see them as “cheating”. But that’s the administrations’ opinion.

You’re here to form your own opinion, eh? We’re providing information and background on some popular nootropics below.

What are Nootropics?

For a long time, all we thought of Nootropics as were things like Ritalin and Adderall. Both drugs are prescription based and increase the taker’s ability to think clearly.

That is if that person has concentration problems. The issue with these drugs is that they’re expensive and addictive – and they have a high rate of abuse.

So, scientists went looking for other substances that would deliver a jolt of energy and function to the brain, legally. What they found they coined “nootropics”.

One of those scientists, Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, laid down some guidelines to what qualifies in this new drug category. According to him, there are five things a Nootropic needs.

  • They have to do the following
  • Help memory and learning processes
  • Help the brain function when stressed or low in resources
  • Protect the brain from chemical or physical assaults
  • Increase neuronal firing
  • Be non-toxic with few side effects

As a consumer, that probably sounds reasonable, but it’s a hard bill to pay. Finding a drug that increases brain function and processes without side effects is almost impossible.

These strict guidelines lead researchers to develop a sub-class of nootropics called “cognitive enhancers”. You may have also heard them called smart drugs.

They have some, but not all of the categories needed to qualify as a nootropic.

A Loose Definition

Some people take the idea of a “cognitive enhancer” a little too loosely. To one person that could mean caffeine pills and to another it could mean the long-term effects of taking Omega acids on your brain.

To avoid that, we’ve made sure the nootropics we list below mark off more than just one of the points on Dr. Giurgea’s list. Learn about our picks below.

Some Different Nootropics

Now that you know what a nootropic is, let’s talk about where and how you’d find them in real life. Some on this list you would need a prescription for.

Keep in mind that taking prescription medication that doesn’t belong to you is a crime, no matter your intention.


This is a non-over the counter drug that is believed to have a small effect on brain function and creativity. There was a study in 2012 that showed it’s helpful effects on people with cognitive functioning issues.

Those who took the drug in the experience something between normal life forgetful moments and dementia. It’s not bad enough for them to get the diagnosis, so doctors call this in-between state “MCI”.

The study found that there was increased brain activity when patients took Aniracetam. However – it’s not yet FDA approved, which means you take the supplement at your own risk.

Bacopa Monnieri

A lot of these brain-hacking drugs still need more refinement, more time in the clinical development stage. But, they still show signs that they can and could help increase brain function.

A study in 2014 found that this supplement helped improve the “speed of attention” both of healthy brains and in people with dementia.

That’s good news if your body handles it well. Some people have experienced symptoms akin to dehydration and slow heart rate.

Donepezil (Aricept)

This drug is FDA approved, but not for casual use. It’s used to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s in suffering patients.

There is a study that stands behind its ability to increase what scientists call procedural memory. That involves doing physical tasks you’ve done your whole life, like ride a bike or even knit.

It’s not 100% side effect free, as it may lead to a loss of appetite and sleep issues.

Check with a Canadian Pharmacy before starting to use Donepezil to hack your brain.


A drug that named itself for the category of drugs it hopes to be in, Noopept supposedly increases retention and focus. It’s an approved drug in Russia, where they use it to treat age-related memory issues.

However, if you buy it outside of Russia it’s not FDA approved, nor does it have rigorous testing procedures.

Buying the Best Nootropics

If something on this list spiked your interest, please do some more in-depth research. Look online at reviews of the substance and potential side effects.

As always, you should talk to your doctor before you add any other chemical to your daily routine. Chemical in the neurological sense, of course.

Start with a low dose and track symptoms as you go. The idea behind the best nootropics is that their effect is worth whatever side effects they cause.

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