Smart ways to fit three kids in one bedroom

Fitting three kids in a bedroom is a tough thing. It takes a lot of thinking and the best use of space. You have to think about the comfort of your kids. Try to make the best use of every space in your house. Unnecessary things should be completely banned from your bedroom. There are more things you can do to fit three kids in one bedroom. Let’s see how to do that.

Invest in bunk beds:

Bunk beds will be the best choice for fitting three kids in a bedroom. You will always find space if you get this. These beds also come with smart storage options. Your children will be able to keep their belongings there. Buy those bunk beds with drawers in the stairs and drawer underneath. You will be able to store some things there. No need to invest in storage boxes. It will also save space from the room.

Take advantage of corners:

The most use of space depends on the design. Keep all three bed in the edges of the room. Make proper plans by assessing your room that what makes it looks better. Keeping beds in the corners will save you some space. Beds with pull out drawers will give you storage area. Then you will be saving space and money both. Also, a bunk bed that has a corner configuration will also work.

U shaped bed setting:

You can use the perimeter of your room by placing all the three small bedrooms in u shaped form. Keep a small table in the middle for it to look good. You can get an adjustable bed for this kind of room settings. Adjustable bed will take good care of spine health of your kids. And it is comfortable for all ages. It will help your kids sleep faster too.

Minimalist setting:

If you believe in minimalism way of living, you should be looking to have a minimalist environment for your room even if you are someone who does not try to be a minimalist. It does not make the room appear larger but saves spaces. Set the two beds at the bottom without frames.  For the mattress, you can get king size memory foam mattress. If your kids are younger, then memory foam mattress queen will be better. For the third bed, you can use the wall for setting a bed there.

Boys and girls problem:

If you have two girls and a boy it is quite difficult to match their liking for the room. Give the upper space to your boy by maintaining boyish colors and settings. Then give girls the same place for a beautiful girly setting. Keep the room bright color for supporting their choices.

Roll out bundle bed:

This one is a brilliant and space-saving idea. Roll out bundle will look cute for kid’s room at the same time save a lot of space. As it saves a lot of space, you can work on making it a themed room. Keep a shelf for making a play area as well.

Triple the cuteness:

If you have three princesses, you can make beds against the wall. Three beds will be fit against the wall that will be saving space and make it look gorgeous. You can put curtains to maintain their privacy and look pretty. This room setting will look straight out of a fairytale. For making them feel comfortable give a good mattress like queen size memory foam mattress.


As you are the mom, you will know the choices of your kids better. Ask them what theme they would like to go for. Your job is to look after how comfortable they are. King size memory foam mattress is going to make it comfortable when they sleep. Keep the room minimalist. Concentrate on their study area too. You can make their room a creative place so that they can nurture their hobbies there.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
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