Social Media Marketing via Twitter

Social media marketing is a powerful marketing tool as it allows manufacturers, producers, organizations and business owners to reach a wider audience in lesser time and at the lesser cost. Be it that you sell a product or offer a service, marketing on social media allows your business to expand rapidly.

Meanwhile, social media allows for a more direct interaction between organizations, entrepreneurs etc. and their customers. It also allows for easier feedback and such between both parties. This post highlights Twitter as a case study;

Twitter is a social media platform on which such marketing can be done. It can help you learn more about the habits and preferences of your customers, give your brand a human face and make it more accessible to your customers and would be customers.

Besides, it also develops interest and excitement prior to and upon release of your new product, efficiently and effectively manage public relation blunders, and so on.

Twitter, undeniably is very useful and effective in making your brand popular.

Tips on how to market on Twitter

Have specific objectives

Before jumping on Twitter and marketing your products there. It is essential that you set specific goals and objectives that you want to achieve on said platform. Without having a clear focus on what you are trying to accomplish online, you will most probably end up wasting not just your time but also your resources. The following are specific objectives that might prove useful in your consideration of what objectives and goals to set:

  • Increase the sale of products and services
  • Improve awareness of your brand’s products and services
  • Reduce the cost of customer support and
  • Increase your Twitter followers
  • Improve your customer’s loyalty and dedication to you and your brand.

The above should set as pointers for you in your setting of specific goals. This is because they allow you to evaluate yourself and judge just how much progress you are making every once in a while.

For instance, if your objective is to increase awareness of your brand and product, you could set a goal of having a reach of about 50,000 every month. It could be that your objective is to increase sales; you could set a goal of having 5000 new sales every month at the end of which you would then evaluate how much success you had and what you need to do to improve.

Target your audience

When marketing on social media, it is essential that you tailor your marketing to those who constitutes your target audience. It would otherwise be a waste of time and efforts if those you target your marketing at are those who do not patronize you. Thankfully, social media platforms allow you to tailor your marketing to specific audiences which you can take advantage of to run an efficient and effective marketing campaign.

Using Twitter effectively for social media marketing involves quite a number of things some of which are mentioned above. This site if properly utilized holds innumerable opportunities and advancements.

Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza
Asheer Raza is a blogger and web entrepreneur. He loves to write on Tech and Business related stuff.


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