Some Important Traits That Every Hotshot Lawyer Possesses!

Being a lawyer is considered as one of the noble jobs in India as they help people to gain justice. It is one reason why more and more students are pursuing LLB course in today’s day and age.

There are various specializations in that law that you can pursue by doing an LLB course. You can make your choice amongst the specializations by aligning your interests. However, no matter which field of law you decide to pursue your career in, you need to have certain traits to become a hotshot lawyer.

Before you set out to pursue an LLB course, you must ensure that you have the traits to become a successful lawyer. Here are a few traits that you need to possess when it comes to becoming a hotshot lawyer.

Traits to Possess to Become A Hotshot Lawyer

A Good Listener

To become a professional lawyer, you must be a good listener as this skill goes a long way. This skill is competent in every specialization when you do an LLB course. By being a good listener, you can grasp the situation more efficiently and solve tasks without any difficulties. Skills like these will be passed onto you when you choose to do an LLB course.

Sharp Analytical Skills

To be a great lawyer, you need to have analytical skills as you’d be using it multiple times during your practice. Being a lawyer means having to gather information and analyze the best way to resolve an issue. Often, there is more than one way for conflict resolution; you must choose the best suitable for your client.


As a lawyer, it is crucial to have empathy towards your clients. As a lawyer, you will come across many clients that have been seeking justice for the injustices that they have faced n their life. It is good to exercise empathy as you need to make your client feel comfortable and secure. This way, you portray not only professionalism but also a personal touch to your services.

A Multitasker

The ability to tackle multiple tasks that too tactfully by finding a solution for each one of them is an essential trait to possess as a lawyer. As a lawyer, you will have multiple tasks and responsibilities throughout the day, and you’ll be expected to solve them efficiently and deliver them in due time.

Pubic Speaker

As a lawyer, you must have public speaking abilities to be able to communicate your point of view with ease. You will have to go through various trials and speakings to gain justice for your clients. As a public speaker, you need to be assertive, clear, factual, and the likes to put your point forth.

Make the Right Choice to Become a Hotshot Lawyer

If you have most of the traits mentioned above, then you should, without a doubt, pursue an LLB course. Having these traits will, for sure turn you into a hotshot lawyer in no time! However, you must make sure that you seek your degree from a university that enhances your skills and traits. One such university that has the best facilities and amenities that encourage you to become a successful lawyer is, UPES. The university provides its students with an industry-aligned curriculum that helps a student get the latest knowledge of their field. The students are provided with plenty of industrial exposure through moot courts, guest lectures, projects and much more. The university also has a QS 5 Star rating for employability, giving students a chance to get placed with some of the best organizations in the country. Now, there’s nothing to stop you from becoming a hotshot lawyer!

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